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What Camera Should I Buy for My Summer Travels?

What Camera Should I Buy for My Summer Travels?

I‘ve been traveling a lot for work this spring, which luckily for me means often times I get to work in beautiful landscapes across North America. Of course, that leads to me wanting to take good (preferably great!) pictures of my surroundings, so I thought I’d pick the brains of five of my favorite photographers to get some advice on what type of cameras they recommend for traveling, in summer or year round!

How To Choose the Best Camera for Summer Travel

Photographer Kathrina Sio from Career Contessa says “Favorite camera for me to shoot with is my Canon 5D MarkII – I’ve been shooting with it for a few years now so I’m most comfortable with it and it has been my reliable companion. As for someone looking to try out a new camera for their summer travels, we would definitely recommend to choose something a bit more compact and lighter so it’s easy to carry around, like a Fuji x100S is a great option. Most importantly if you’re trying out a new camera make sure you know its functions and how to work it before going off on your trip. It would be a nightmare to go on an epic trip and not know how to actually take a photo or not have any photos turn out! So just make sure to practice with it beforehand.”

“When traveling, I don’t like to use my iPhone too much as I feel like memories are always worthy of better capture! I would invest in a great camera, whether it’s a point and shoot that you can throw in your purse or a SLR with more lens flexibility. I personally like Canon for it’s warmth and superb flesh tones. If you do go for an SLR, a Canon 7D would be my affordable recommendation but if you have more of a budget, a 5D Mark III would be best! In regards to lenses, I would only bring one with you when you’re out and about. My favorite versatile but compact lens is a simple 50MM. It fits virtually everywhere and gives great depth to your photos.” — Briana Lane (Paper Tiger Photography)

Bri with a Camera

“Look for something versatile that’s also in your price range. Little point and shoots work great in a pinch, but if you’re looking to up the quality a bit, check out something like a Canon Travel Package. I love that Lumoid has little videos showing how they cameras are used and photo examples of what each camera and lens combo can achieve.” – Adam Hendershott (The Headshot Truck)

And I especially love what Caroline Lee from Woodnote Photography has to share:
“This may sound absolutely ridiculous, but your iPhone might be the very best way to capture your summer adventures. From the quality to the accessibility to the inconspicuous nature of shooting with your phone, my iPhone is my most-used camera, and one I couldn’t do without. If you happen to have a bit of a budget to work with and like the idea of something fancier to play with bokeh and light, the Canon 6D is a fabulous body, and the 50mm 1.4 is a wonderful lens without spending too much in one day. The most important part is that you’re adventuring and that you’re capturing your favorite memories in a way that you will be able to celebrate and cherish for years to come!

Bri w camera

Photography by: Briana Lane for Paper Tiger Photo

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