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Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to confess affection, bestow feeling, to convey love. The tradition of loved ones exchanging handmade notes of juxtaposing ruby paper and delicate lace has given way to the trading of mass-produced greeting cards preprinted with stock sentiments. While a card nestled in its perfectly square envelope may

Give them your time, your creativity, your heart.

still express the notion of this holiday, there’s something much more intimate about creating something to give to another.  It demands greater concentration, focused attention, and time, which seems to be quite a precious commodity in this modern age.

This Valentine’s Day, give of yourself. Do something of consequence. If the notion of scissors, glue and glitter leaves you panicked, then yes, by all means, pick up a card for a loved one. But take a moment this year to show that special someone what they mean to you. Give them your time, your creativity, your heart.

One of my favorite Valentine’s celebrations was not a decadent night out for two, but rather a homemade dinner for eight. A collaborative menu was designed, an exercise in complimenting skills and tastes. It an exercise in finding a suitable pairing for each course, about introducing something you love to someone and sharing in its delight together. Each couple composed a course, each dish served with pride. The dining table was given thoughtful attention, outfitted with hand-glued menus, calligraphed personalized place cards, rose-printed linen napkins, and bright ranunculus blooms.

The joy in the planning the dinner, coupled with the appreciation for the food prepared by friends resulted in an evening more satisfying than any night at a restaurant could be. We shared our skills, our food and of ourselves, while the dining room bubbled over with Champagne, laughter, and much love.

February is the month of love. We see it as an opportunity to create deeper connections with your loved ones and with anything that ignites a passion in your soul. We see it as a moment to appreciate the little everyday things that put a smile on your face. We see it as the chance to show yourself that hey, you’re pretty lovable and you deserve a little TLC, too. (And that’s always a good thing, no matter what month it is!)

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Ashley Fauset

Ashley is a party planner, grammar enthusiast, classically trained dancer, and coffee aficionado. She lives in Los Angeles with her musician husband and their hammy four-year-old, and shares her tales of mama-hood at Silver Lake Mom. You can find her online on Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

  • Anya Zhukova
    I like the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day with a company of friends) Unfortunately this year I wasn’t able to celebrate it and the cards I gave were bought and not handmade. But next time I’ll plan something fun and exciting)

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