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Trend Report: Cobalt Crush

There comes a time for me in the cold months when I need to get out of the jeans, boots and oversized sweater rut. More than ever, since leaving LA, tights have become the means by which I literally change my ways. Not going to lie, sometimes multiple pairs are more than necessary but worth the joy I get form doubling my wardrobe!

1. Top

To me, this blouse is the definition of simplistic beauty. The detailing, cut and versatility make it special in an unexpected way. It’s one of those pieces you can grab and know it will always look good.

Move LifeStyle Fashion Trend Report

2. Shorts

When I think about winter shorts, leather immediately comes to mind, but this particular pair, soft and fluid, completely stole my heart. You’d never guess from the impeccable tailoring that they actually have an elastic waistband and are as comfortable as your favorite jammies. And if you know me, you know nothing could make me happier!

3. Jacket

Cobalt was huge in spring and carried over to fall seamlessly. It’s also, actually, my go-to when doing the whole monochromatic thing, and I’m pretty sure it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So, we have a timeless, elegent coat in the best shade of blue which is the perfect pop of color to breathe life into whatever you may pair it with. Stunning.

4. Tights

World, I am pleased to introduce you to the ultimate pair of tights. You’re welcome. Faulke ingeniously managed to invent a regular looking merino wool tight that’s woven so the cotton is on the outside and the wool threads are on the skin keeping us warm. The naked eye could never tell the difference, and they also last forever.

5. Boots

I have a small obsession with Rick Owens boots. They’re part downtown, a little goth, a touch badass and all together amazing. He uses a cracked suede that makes them looked as if you’ve loved and lived in them for years and the height is a refreshing departure from the ankle booties we’ve all been living in.

Are you a shorts and tights kind of girl? What’s your favorite way to chance up you winter look? We’d love to know!

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Janessa Anderson

Janessa Anderson is a fashion publicist and lover of all things style-related. A graduate of FIDM, Janessa is the Global PR Manager at GAP. She's previously worked in PR for Tommy Hilfiger, KCD Worldwide, Fred Segal Beauty, and Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution. Janessa lives in Manhattan with her rocker BF and her dog, Charlie.

  • AshleyFauset
    I am in love with that lacy top. I already have visions of what to wear with it. Such a beautiful piece.

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