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The Art of Balance: Danielle Krysa

Hello! First things first, I want to say how excited I am to be part of MoveLifeStyle! YAY – so exciting! Ok, now I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Danielle Krysa. I am a graphic designer, artist, wife, mother, author, and I write a contemporary art blog called The Jealous Curator. I’ll be doing a five-question interview, every two weeks, with amazing professional women artists who also happen to be moms. We’ll talk art, motherhood, and the delicate balance of those two worlds. Oh yes – it’s going to be good!

So, since most of you probably don’t know much about me, I thought I’d start off by interviewing, well, myself! Weird? Yes, but it will be good practice! Here you go, The Jealous Curator’s first Art of Balance interview with:

Danielle Krysa {mixed media artist, art blogger/curator, and the mother of a lovely six year old boy}

JC: Six year olds are busy people! When do you find time to make your art?

DK: It was really hard before he started school, but it’s getting easier now that he’s heading into first grade. That doesn’t stop me from getting distracted by a zillion other things though, so  I have to really be conscious to carve out time to get into the studio. I rent a space outside of my home, so that when I’m there, I’m there. There’s nothing else to do except make stuff! If I worked in my house, I can guarantee, nothing would ever get done. 

JC: What does your son think about you “being an artist”?

DK: I hope he thinks it’s cool! My mom is also an artist, and I grew up thinking it was pretty amazing that my mom made beautiful things that people wanted to hang on their walls. I loved her studio, and stole supplies as soon as I could reach them. My son has just started doing the same thing, which thrills me to no end!

JC: Do you ever feel “mom guilt” when you’re in the studio?

DK: YES! It’s so strange. I don’t feel guilt when I’m doing anything else. I can go for a run, go out with friends, or work on my blog,  but being in the studio makes me feel really guilty. Clearly I need to realize that time in the studio is just as important as time anywhere else (hard, but I’m working on it!)

JC: Is your work different now, than before your son was born? If so, did he have any influence over that?

DK: After he was born my work changed dramatically. I went from being a self-centered Creative Director in the advertising world, to being an at-home mom answering to an 8lb baby. I did a whole series about going from a Type A designer, to a Type A momma. I’ve moved past that work now, but it was invaluable to me at the time (here is an example of some of that work)

JC: Do you see your life as an artist, and your life as a mother as two separate things, or do they go hand in hand?

DK: We moved to the area we live in when I was pregnant, so a lot of people here know me as “Charlie’s mom.” In the studio, I’m just Danielle. So, personally, I see them as two very different worlds. Is that bad?! See, there’s that guilt again! I love being his mom, and when I’m with him, he’s my complete focus. But when I’m in the studio, if I can ignore the guilt for a few hours, I totally get into a zone, and I feel like I’m back in my BFA days just working away. Both worlds are bliss to me. Maybe they’ll meet up one day.

Well there you have it! Kinda weird, but now you know a little more about me, and what The Art of Balance will be about! See you back here in two weeks with my first real interview!

~ The Jealous Curator xo

Author Description

Danielle Krysa

Danielle Krysa has a BFA, and a post-grad in Design. After years of looking at beautiful contemporary art and thinking "Damn, I wish I thought of that", she decided to say it out loud, and in 2009 The Jealous Curator. was born. She writes daily posts showcasing artwork from around the world, and is currently writing two books to be published by Chronicle Books in 2014. The Jealous Curator has been featured by Sunset Magazine, Frankie Magazine, Apartment Therapy and Glamour Paris.

  • janis-pinecone camp
    Great interview of yourself, JC! 😉 Looking forward to more interviews!
  • theGW
  • Lori Dean Dyment
    That guilt…I know it well. Why does the guilt have to be connected to the total in my bank account?
  • Hollie Chastain
    great article!! i totally relate to studio guilt. this is going to be a great resource for ideas and inspiration when it comes to juggling.
  • danielle (aka the jealous curator)
    thanks everyone! i think this is going to be a fantastic series… i’ve got so many amazing women lined up! stay tuned :)
  • Laura
    would love to be a part of this, here’s my slant/ making contemporary photo/video/installation art from a rural locale,
    Latest news: the local ‘arts incubator’ ( just about to lose its $110K city support, but that’s a good thing, (had $100k, nothing to show for it, except some juggling)
    my city is needing some new interest, activity, ideas added to this challenged area, There is great local art, but its hard to find, here’s some tweeps\
    @thedarklobster @newpractice @jdaveyartist @focoart342 help us….
    have enjoyed your virtual visits, and your art!
  • sue
    yay! Lovely interview! I look forward to this segment & I love your blog, The jealous Curator, very much! I am a Mom to 3 kids and just really getting back into my art. I put off my art and focused only making things for the home, or for gifts, for 14 years… and now, I’m back to oil painting just for me. ! and the guilt? yes, it’s there. oh, it’s there! (I still make things for my home and for gifts…I love that too, but to make art for just me, it’s a whole other way of making, ya know?) :)
    • danielle (aka the jealous curator)
      i do… oh, i do ; )
  • Sandra
    GREAT idea for an interview series! I just know it’ll be very inspiring. Love you interviewing yourself too!
  • Melanie
    I am SO excited about this series! I loved being able to see some of your earlier work too. xo
    • danielle (aka the jealous curator)
      thanks ladies! i am so excited abou this series too… lots of interesting women coming up! : )
  • Mrs Bertimus
    After reading your blog for so long, it was wonderful to find out more about you! Many thanks for sharing.
  • virginia woods-jack
    I loved the interview and it is so funny how we can all relate to the guilt but it is worth it…surely to show our children that there is a multitude of ways to navigate your way through life and my kids love seeing what I make, they understand it, it is something tangible for them to relate to and they love the openings for the food and attention :) Just had my first show at the public art gallery here in Wellington NZ and felt so proud to be there with my two girls as they have been so much a part of my journey, and always will be. Love you art, love you eye and love your sharing both. Thanks. Waving from way down here in Aotearoa xox
  • Jo Pollitt
    Hi JC/DK, fab series :)
    Thought you might like to check out our BIG MAN (Mother Artist network)
    Gorgeous interview with Aris Moore :)
    BIG cheers and congrats!
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  • BeckytheGeek
    Just stumbled on this article. Very inspiring and I can’t wait to discover more about this blog and you – I’m also graphic designer / new mother and wife etc. Looking for my direction…thank you x

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