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The Art of Balance: 5 Questions for Zoe Pawlak

Oh, the beautifully vibrant work of Vancouver based painter Zoe Pawlak… who happens to be beautifully vibrant herself! She’s an amazing painter, {with a fabulous out-of-home studio!} and the mom of two very cool little kids {Cienna and Cael}

JC: Hi Zoe! So, your kids are still quite little, yet you find time to be a full time artist… um, how do you do that?!

My husband went on paternity with our second child who is now 4. He has worked a couple summers as a bartender and otherwise has been the primary caregiver.

JC: Ah-ha! That’ll do it! So, what do your daughter (6) and son (4) think about you “being an artist”?

They think it’s great. It’s afforded them a really diverse and interesting life. I like gearing which paintings they like and don’t like. They also get to come to my studio the odd time, which I can imagine is quite fun as a child.

JC: Do you ever feel “mom guilt” when you’re in the studio?

Yes. You cannot be two places at once and I am definitely learning how to use my intuition and get better at scheduling. I also travel and do public speaking, so we miss each other lots. I am trying to be home more these days, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

JC: Is your work different now, than before your children were born? If so, did he they any influence over that?

One influence has been that I have to support them (financially). The work has, at times, been more commercial than I would like. My paintings are less melancholy, introspective and self-centered.

JC: Do you see your life as an artist, and your life as a mother as two separate things… or do they go hand in hand?

They are very separate. Though with my kids, and in life, I philosophically believe in centering your life around creativity and passion. I will not deviate from this and my kids learn this by how I live.

Thanks so much, Zoe! xo

Author Description

Danielle Krysa

Danielle Krysa has a BFA, and a post-grad in Design. After years of looking at beautiful contemporary art and thinking "Damn, I wish I thought of that", she decided to say it out loud, and in 2009 The Jealous Curator. was born. She writes daily posts showcasing artwork from around the world, and is currently writing two books to be published by Chronicle Books in 2014. The Jealous Curator has been featured by Sunset Magazine, Frankie Magazine, Apartment Therapy and Glamour Paris.

  • Inward Facing Girl
    “I philosophically believe in centering your life around creativity and passion.” I love this philosophy, and Zoe’s work. It’s such a great message for our kids too.
  • Jenn Wong
    Zoe’s work is so sensual & colorful! I love it. Thanks again for a great interview Danielle!
  • Sandra Harris
    Love her work and love what she’s doing here in Vancouver to build community.

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