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Summer Surf Shack

Summer in Southern California is the setting for some of the fondest memories I have. Each year, when spring gives way to summer, my mind flashes a rapid-fire slideshow of 1980s SoCal summer images: Ocean Pacific shorts, Body Glove bathing suits, neon Wayfarer shades, my white roller skates with purple wheels. My childhood summer days were spent at the beach, the evenings were filled with beach-themed movie like Summer School, Point Break, and Endless Summer.

80s beach culture has a very nostalgic hold over me, which is why I am so drawn to the Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack collection this season. It’s the grown-up version of my summer memories, the same bright hues now juxtaposed with clean, modern lines. We had a blast wearing pieces from this collection for our recent summer photo shoot.

The former avid surfer in me is particularly drawn to the unique surfboards that are also part of the Surf Shack collection. I can’t help but hear the Beach Boys echo in my head. “Let’s go surfin’ now… Everybody’s learning how… Come on a safari with me…”

Anyone want to paddle out at Point Dume?

Richard Phillips limited edition surfboard, for Tommy Hilfiger in collaboration with Art Production Fund

Tommy Hilfiger has teamed with five contemporary American artists to custom-create surfboard designs. Each of the artists has applied their talents to deliver totally unique boards, from an abstract expressionist-style painting to a hyper-realistic portrait.

Founded in 2000, Art Production Fund is a non-profit organization that provides artists with the production assistance – financial, technical and logistical – they need for complex, difficult-to-realize projects, often of a multidisciplinary nature. APF is committed to engaging audiences in creative ways, by realizing socially relevant projects that push the field of public art in new directions. Working as a producer, APF offers guidance to artists and brings together individuals, resources and institutions
to present art at venues outside the realm of traditional museums. Its initiatives include provocative and groundbreaking projects presented at highly visible and unexpected venues across the country.
Boards are $2,000 and available online at or in person at 681 5th Ave, NYC / 212.223.1824

Romper, Dress, Blazer, and Shorts by Tommy Hilfiger
Photography By: Megan Lynn

We hope the longer days will encourage us all to kick back at least a little bit each day this summer. Take your morning coffee and your laptop onto your porch and enjoy the beautiful weather in the hushed moment before the city wakes up and before the busy day begins. Cheers to summer!

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