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Ladies, the time to revel in our femaleness is upon us! According to the Mayans and the mystics, 2013 is the dawn of a new era – the return of the sacred feminine. Woo hoo! The divine feminine will rise and a balance between the male and female energies will be restored. Sounds like high time for fire dances and fertility rituals! Count me in.

Okay, even if you’re not into the whole mystical thing, there is never a wrong time to celebrate being a woman.

2013 is the dawn of a new era – the return of the sacred feminine.

We are sexy and sensual, passionate and radiant, and we owe it to ourselves to recognize that. All too often, we find our femininity buried beneath a frenzied work schedule or a tense body, or worse, a judgmental and critical mind. Women are beauty incarnate, and deserve to feel it!

I have been teaching at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor for over 6 years, a movement that guides women towards awakening their feminine body and feminine nature. You might know of S Factor as pole dancing. Yes, we do teach pole, but that isn’t the emphasis. S is about teaching the language of the feminine body. Above all else over the years, I have learned that EVERY woman is sexy. It’s true.

Feeling sexy isn’t something that you put on, feeling sexy is something that you inherently own.

The movement isn’t about looking sexy, though that is inevitable; it is about feeling sexy. Looking sexy is about outside attention and approval. Feeling sexy is the radiance you can’t help but exude even when you’re grocery shopping in your PJs. Feeling sexy isn’t something that you put on or that you act out, feeling sexy is something that you inherently own.

There are many avenues towards the reclaiming of this sexy inner self. Here are a few of the roads I’ve explored:

1: S Factor, of course. If you don’t have a studio near you, there are DVDs available and you can set up your own S laboratory at home. Heck, you can even put a pole up! You wouldn’t be the first woman to have a pole in her living room. It’s guaranteed to get attention when guests arrive.

2: Ecstatic Dance. I love Spiritweaves, located here in LA. It’s a space where you can dance like mad, your spirit fully liberated, your body fully alive. You’ll leave intoxicated and awakened. Even when you can’t attend a class, you can always blast music and home and invite your soul to dance!

3: Tantra. Yes, Tantra can be about sex, which is of course sexy. But at the core, it is about bringing forth and exploring our infinite life force. There are many forms of tantric practices out there, ranging from meditation, to sacred dance, to partnered play. See what strikes you.


Even if you don’t have time to take a handful of classes, you can always create a space at home – sacred and sensual – dedicated to your sexy self. Adorn your space with candles and red lamps, drape the furniture in silky fabrics and toss plush pillows on the floor.

Close your eyes and allow your hands to roam – the nape of your neck, the curve of your ankle, the softness of your wrist.

Wear fabrics that feel yummy on your skin, spritz your wrists with perfume and take your hair down. Close your eyes and allow your hands to roam – the nape of your neck, the curve of your ankle, the softness of your wrist. Get reacquainted with this beautiful feminine form of yours. Praise her and celebrate her. Dress her up or dress her down. Let her feel both soft and pretty and fiery and untamed. Make no assumptions or judgments about her expression. Just allow her to move, dance and stretch, wild and free in her effortless beauty!

Once upon a time the female form was worshipped. Women undulated over the crops to make them grow, priestesses were revered for their magic and wisdom; the Goddess was at the center. Yes, we are modern women. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the mystical. In 2013, aim to ignite a sexy, powerful, feminine spark in your life!

Photography by Vera Mulyani and Lindsay Staloff

This month, we’re serving up bite-sized advice from experts in different fields to help us all make life a little brighter, more creative and more efficient for 2013. Think of this month as a chance to connect with yourself on a deeper level, get closer to what makes you happy, and take control of the balance in ‘work-life balance’ for yourself this year.

Author Description

Janelle Marra

Janelle has been a teacher at Sheila Kelly's S-Factor for six years, and is also an actress and birth doula

  • Autumn Reeser
    Such good advice, Janelle — let’s celebrate and enjoy our femininity!!
  • Vanessa
    Thanks Janelle.. I would add: Feel pretty today. Don’t wait untill tomorrow, when that diet you’re going to start next Monday has paid off and you can finally fit into those jeans you love. You should feel great TODAY. You’re stunning as you are now. Take off those PJs and buy clothes your own size. Shave your legs and take a bubble bath. Use make-up, if you like it. Use that perfume you are saving for special occasions, and enjoy feeling beautiful. As corny as it sounds, we only have today, tomorrow -that sneaky moment when we think everything’s gonna be perfect- never comes.
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