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A Pregnancy Journal: Seven Months

Seven months have come and gone so quickly, but during the heat wave last week it certainly felt like this pregnancy was going to last FOREVER and nothing you could have said would have convinced me otherwise. I was lucky with my first pregnancy to avoid all heat waves, as baby arrived in May, and I had NO IDEA how uncomfortable and irritable being pregnant in the heat would make me. I felt like I had to keep warning my loved ones that it wasn’t about them but secretly, or maybe not so secretly, the slightest hint of trouble in the air and I would want to strangle everyone around me. I wish I could say I’ve handled everything with ease and grace, but a couple times, I lost it. Thank you to my husband for being tolerant and supportive! Let’s just say, ladies, that pregnancy hormones should be kept refrigerated. Under no circumstances should they be put into a virtual oven, as Los Angeles felt last week.

I even started wishing this baby would come early just so I could stop being so miserable. Then two minutes later I changed my mind because I still have so much to do in preparation for his arrival and I am soooo not ready to have a newborn yet! Finn actually arrived two weeks early, and I barely made it to the hospital in time, so I’m already expecting this little mister to also make his debut on the early side, especially considering he’s sitting a lot lower already. I’d like to be as prepared as I can be, both on the physical side of things with everything ready at home and emotionally, because with my first birth, I spent an hour and half laboring in rush-hour traffic, during transition! I would prefer to avoid that this time, thank you very much.

So, that’s why this time we’re planning a home birth. I know this is kind of a controversial subject. I delivered in a hospital the first time with no complications and no medication, so I feel confident that I can do it again and with more relaxation from the comfort of my own home. And I feel a huge sense of relief knowing that I will not be stuck in labor on Santa Monica Blvd., moaning in pain while perky agents and publicists zip by me in cute little BMWs on their way to work. No thanks.

Of course, I have friends that absolutely loved their epidural and their hospital experience, and I have friends whose lives were literally saved by C-sections, so I’m absolutely not knocking that route! I know there is no one way to bring a baby into this world and am grateful that women have so many options available, although I do wish said options were less expensive here in the US, but that’s another topic. In the end, I think it’s really about what will make the pregnant woman feel the most comfortable and ready for her new role as mother. Well, as ready as you possibly can be.

Some resources I like for learning more about medication-free home birth are:

Would you ever consider a home delivery?

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Autumn Reeser's Pregnancy Journal

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Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

  • Maddy
    It is so wonderful that you had the courage to tell us about your hopes for a safe homebirth! I planned to birth at home as well, but, alas, baby arrived too early to make that happen. Hopefully next time….
  • Tess
    Hear, hear.. hormones and heat waves shouldn’t mix like, ever. And no, I wouldn’t consider a home delivery.. if something goes wrong, and the baby is the one to pay the price, I would never forgive myself. Under no circunstance I would put him or her at risk while I can help it.
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  • Shelly
    There’s no way I’d want to bring my baby into the world in this terrible little apartment of ours, but the idea of a home birth is so exciting and enticing! Best of luck to you! I just plan on a drug-free birth. Hopefully, I can handle that! :) Off the topic, how in the world do you look so good?! I’m only 5 months and I feel like a whale. I think working in a cubicle isn’t so great for staying in shape, but seriously…what are you eating? You look fantastic!
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