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“Media geared towards female audiences is nothing new, but Reeser’s new e-zine Move LifeStyle goes beyond crafts and fashion to provide practical advice and entertainment for working women. When you ask a woman how she does it all, she typically demures, but Reeser insists, “it takes a lot of work behind the scenes,” so Reeser and friends Jenn Wong and Ashley Fauset set out to create an editorial site that takes an honest look at how women do the often invisible, and nearly impossible, work of ‘having it all’.”

The Women Take Over

Interview with our Editor-in-Chief, Autumn Reeser on The Women Take Over. “With Move LifeStyle, we’re trying to bridge the gap between light lifestyle and current workplace issues affecting women. We focus on work life balance, we talk about and share articles on current women’s issues in the workplace, but we also find the prettiest new office supplies and have a lot of fun on Pinterest.”

Well in LA

The Editors of Move LifeStyle share their favorite blogging tips with Well in LA. “Clearly these three women have learned a thing or two about setting up a blog. Not to mention a full-scale website and business operation. Oh yes… and how to work with your friends in-person and online.”

Move LifeStyle: Autumn Reeser, Jenn Wong, Ashley Fauset

On the Move

The girls behind Move LifeStyle are always on the go! Catch up on the latest, in our Events Section.

The Valley Girl Show

Guide for Girls on the Go on Move LifeStyle

Move LifeStyle is an e-zine for the modern working woman created by Autumn Reeser, Jenn Wong and Ashley Fauset.

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