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Outfit On the Go: Fall

Living in Los Angeles, I never know what to expect when I step out the door. Will it be raining? 90 degrees? Dry and brisk?  So this season, I’m vouching for a go-to ensemble that will leave me ready to go no matter what the temperature.

When I think of a ‘go-to’ outfit, I think of something that is easy to wear, to put on and comfortable enough to be in all day, so I found the most comfortable shirt I own, Natural Life‘s cream oversized shirt, and decided to start from there.  I always love basing an outfit on a cream piece, not only because it’s a complimentary color but because it goes with pretty much anything!  I then grabbed my favorite pair of pants in my closet: Urban Outfitter’s tan cigarette jeans.  Not only are these pants so comfortable they feel like feathers on your legs, but the rust color really embodies the essence of fall.  I then added my frayed skull scarf, which I purchased in Florence last spring, to act as a transitional piece for the cream shirt with the black jacket.  I’m a huge fan of mixing neutrals with black partially because it’s an easy switch to night, (but it also helps edge up an outfit), so pairing these neutrals with my Barlow hooded leather jacket was a no-brainer.  Lastly, I grabbed my favorite over-the-shoulder vintage purse and Target’s faux black Frye boots for lasting comfort and weather resistance.

I think the most important thing in dressing for ‘on-the-go’ is versatility.  I know if I’m running around all day in this outfit, I can throw on a pair of black heels and head to dinner, take the beanie and scarf off if it’s too hot, or be rain-ready with my leather hoodie and boots.  I obviously can’t wear this ensemble everyday, (well, I can get pretty close), so being able to replace some of these items with others is essential.  I can switch out my tan jeans for a pair of denim skinnies, a black pashmina instead of my skull scarf, booties instead of my faux Frye’s, and a top bun, red lips and heels for a meeting.

Other Items:

[1] Nissa gold ring [2] Urban Outfitters black sunglasses [3] H&M beanie

Author Description

Briana Lane

Briana is an LA born and bred actress, singer, host and fashionista. Recently she can be seen on NBC's The New Normal, TBS' Wedding Band and as a lead in Disney's 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3.' She has been a host for E!, CBS, MSN and was the face of fashion and beauty network, StyleHaul.

  • Jenna Hamel
    Such a cute look B! I have those pants too and I think I wear them every other day.. Whoops!;) Great tips for a SoCal girl like myself!
  • Autumn Reeser
    This inspired me to wear my brown jeans more often! So cute, Bri!
  • Diamenrose
    More fashion posts like this pls :)))
    • Briana Lane
      2013 will be full of them :)
      • Diamenrose
        yey :-))

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