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One Month with Baby

Dear Dashiell,

You’re a scrumptious little bundle of boy.
I think you look a lot like your gorgeous daddy.

I forgot how sweet the first two weeks with a newborn are:  so sleepy, snuggly and cozy. Then, of course, comes the ‘waking-up’ period, where we get to know each other and I start to learn who you are and who you’re trying to become. Dash is already seeming to be the most appropriate name for you. You’re in quite a hurry to get moving! One thing that has been a wonderful surprise? When the sun goes down, you love to sleep. (Hallelujah!) As long as you’re curled up next to me in bed, tucked safely under my arm, turning for a midnight snack every couple of hours, you are perfectly content to snooze the night away until your brother wakes up the whole household at 7am.

Adjusting to two little ones under two hasn’t been a piece of cake, though. The most difficulty has come from trying to figure out how to divide myself in two so there is enough of me to go around. (If there was an invention for this, I’m pretty sure it would kill on Kickstarter.) I’m so, so, so proud of your big brother for learning how to share his mama. It can’t be easy for him, either, but he loves you so much, patting your head when you’re crying and softly saying, “It’s okay, Dashiell.” (Melt my heart, why don’t cha?) You’re lucky that you’ll have him to look up to. He’s a pretty great kid. Thank you, my little one, for making him a big brother and expanding our whole family’s capacity for love, diaper-changing and chaos. We all love you tremendously.

I love you my little one,


My One-Month Essentials:

A New Haircut
The Bloom Bouncer
Bravado Nursing Tanks
Joya Rocking Chair
Caramel Lattes

Photography By:Paper Tiger Photography

Autumn Reeser's Pregnancy Journal

Author Description

Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

  • Sophia
    What a beautiful letter Autumn, and what a beautiful little guy you have there! It’s such a precious time – my third nephew arrived two days ago, and I’m already enchanted and besotted with him! Ahh, babies, there’s nothing better :)
    • Autumn Reeser
      Thank you, Sophia! Little boys are so lovely — how wonderful to have three nephews! Enjoy your time with the newest arrival!
  • Kelly Lester
    So sweet Autumn! Yep – lemme know if you ever find the ‘mommy splitter’ on Kickstarter, lol. My 3 kids are pretty grown up now, but that invention would still come in super handy 😉 Congratulations again on your beautiful boy(s).
  • Meagan Lamont
    Love the name of your baby boy. Congrats!
  • adirusf
    You are a good actress and an awesome mom!
  • Melanie St-Onge
    Cosleeping is wonderful! So sweet!
  • Ash
    I was very moved by your letter to your beautiful little one. Your sons must be very blessed to have you as a mom. Im expecting a little boy in less then a month, and I have never been so scared and excited in my life. Autumn, would you happen to have any advice on raising a boy? In my family the first born baby was always a girl, so Im not fully sure what to expect.
    • ana
      “Your sons must be very blessed to have you as a mom” I completely agree Ash. This woman is so lovely and caring.

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