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Notes from the Island: Sightseeing

I ‘ve lived in Hawaii for almost three months now, and I’m finally starting to feel more settled and more at home.

The good news about this: since I know my way around so well, I feel like I can accomplish more in a day. The bad news about this: I try to accomplish more in a day than I should. The last few weeks have been particularly challenging, trying to launch a website and a network television show at the same time. I felt guilty in spending one moment doing anything that wasn’t related to either Last Resort or Move LifeStyle, so this week I made some space to enjoy the little treasures around the island that remind me:

HEY!   You’re living in HAWAII!   Enjoy it!

I escaped from the evil talons of my laptop to take an afternoon trip to the Honolulu Art Museum with Finn and my mom, (who is living here on the island to help care for Finn while I’m working. Thanks Mom! Love you!)

The gorgeous and strange art installation above is from Patrick Dougherty, entitled  Footloose. The museum’s website has this to say about it: Dougherty combines his carpentry skills and his love and knowledge of nature to create whimsical, elegant woven masses that often relate to architectural structures or even evolve into cocoon-like organic vessels. He began working on simple structures in 1980s and since then has created more than 200 sculptures around the world. Pretty nifty, Patrick. Pretty nifty.

The must-do experience of any trip to Hawaii is of course, the luau. After an exhaustive amount of research, (aka asking people we met in coffee shops), the luau we chose to attend was called The Chief’s Luau.

The general consensus was this is the most authentic luau  you can experience, (unless you can get yourself invited to a Keiki’s first birthday celebration). Chief Sielu heads up this event and it’s obvious what an incredible influence he has on his group of performers. Known as the ‘Ambassador to Polynesia’ and a world-renowned Fire Knife Dancer, (what??), his strong leadership and passion are apparent in every aspect of this well thought-out night.

Finn made it through the whole program: sampling kalua pig, wrinkling his nose at his first taste of poi, and watching mesmerized as the dancers shook their hips and twirled their torches.

Even though some aspects of Hawaii seem to have taken on a candy-coated patina, (hello, Waikiki), at the Chief’s Luau we were blessedly saved from anything resembling a trip to Disneyland. We laughed heartily, ate well and our eyes feasted on beauty. There is still an authentic experience to be had on Oahu — you just have to know where to look. And I plan to finally lift my eyes from my laptop in order to find it.

P.S. Here are a few more of my personal favorite and secret spots for sightseeing and experiencing the beautiful culture of Hawaii:Waimea Valley, Kailua Beach, and Haleiwa Town.

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Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

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