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Notes From…The Island

 This is the first in Autumn’s series of travel/life posts from Hawaii, where she is living while filming the ABC series Last Resort

I landed in Hawaii a few days ago, and I’m staying with my mom and son at a hotel in downtown Waikiki while we wait to move to our rental in a little town a ways north of Honolulu. It’s an outlying place, one I’ve never visited. We rented this house sight unseen after falling in love with photos of the midcentury furnishings and the chic, inspiring, smart women who would be our potential landlords. I have no idea what actually awaits us in person, and the prospect of surprise here is thrilling.

I’ve lived in Hawaii once before — on Maui in 1999, when I followed a boyfriend there for a summer of snorkeling, working at Gold’s Gym and waitressing at a Sicilian restaurant down the street from our tiny condo in Keihi where we lived with his family. I was in a rough place in my life at that point; I’m not sure I was ready for the magic that Hawaii is capable of working on your soul. This time I feel ready for the changes that I know are awaiting me here.

I’m writing this in a rare bit of alone time as my mother and son have headed down to the park for an hour or so. I should be writing about how strongly and passionately excited I feel about Marisa Meyer’s recent job change to CEO of Yahoo, but instead I was wasting time looking at Tory Burch’s latest Tomboy to Girl pre-fall collection. Sigh. I guess that’s partly related to one of the reasons why I wanted to create Move LifeStyle. I want to open up honest conversations about work/life ‘balance,’ I want to talk about what matters to today’s modern women, but I also relate to the fact that sometimes what matters is a glass of wine and an hour to look at pretty things on Pinterest. What we hope to provide here is a bit of substance and a bit of glamour. A dose of vitamins and a nice warm latte.

Throughout my life I have had numerous conversations with women about the unique daily challenges we face as well as the unique joys to which we are privy as women. I think that’s why I want to create a place to corral all this information, a place that’s also beautiful and restful and inspiring. A place for women to tell their stories, for us to learn from each other and find a community that is nurturing, exciting, and real.  I want this to be the site that I want to visit.  I hope you will feel the same way.


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Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

Move LifeStyle is an e-zine for the modern working woman created by Autumn Reeser, Jenn Wong and Ashley Fauset.

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