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Notes from the Road: A Camping Trip

Lately I’ve been terribly envious of all the beautiful fall colors everyone seems to be posting on Instagram (although the idyllic weather in Hawaii is, of course, divine). But when every website, magazine and storefront is boasting the most beautiful photographs of crispy leaves, then dreams of cool mornings, campfires and redwood trees automatically pop up in my mind. So I found myself planning a road trip for my family, complete with ridiculously picturesque teardrop trailer. So here are my get-out-of-town, drop-off-the-map, hide-in-the-woods Thanksgiving plans!

1. A Vintage Teardrop Trailer from Little Boy Trailers

2. Campfire S’mores Bars (via Sweetened with Honey blog) S’mores are possibly my favorite dessert in the whole world, and they’re one site-specific dessert – they really only taste right over an open flame, preferably on a crisp night by a beach bonfire or nestled in the woods over some smoky logs.

3. A plaid Pendleton After a recent visit to the Pendleton factory in Portland, I’m totally obsessed with the throw-back log cabin vibe of these classic wool blankets from Oregon. They’re durable, beautiful and totally hipster-approved.

4. Woodsy outfit for Finn Since he currently lives in a swimsuit and sandals, I’m just itching to put some cute and cozy duds on my little guy! This outfit from Gap would absolutely do the trick for me. (Hello, raccoon! And check out the plaid lining on the jeans — amazing!)

5. My dogs! I’ve sadly neglected both Sadie and Gatsby over the last year, and now that they live all the way across the Pacific from me, I’m looking forward to a long weekend with them. Yup, all cozied up in the teardrop trailer will be two adults, one toddler, one grumpy fluffy pup and one silly mutt.


It will either be pure bliss or a giant heaping pile of chaos. Either way, this tiny teardrop trailer will be filled with my family, and they are the best thing I can possibly imagine to give thanks for on Thanksgiving Day.

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Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

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