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A Guide to Spring Fashion for New Moms

Congratulations! You’re a mom now. Being a mother is the best feeling in the world, but why is it so difficult to find something stylish to wear? It’s usually because you’re exhausted and partly because your body has changed with pregnancy. It’s nothing to worry about, though. Here are some easy spring fashion trends that will turn you from drab to fab!

Love the Maxi

We know we just told you to wear above-the-knee skirts and avoid calf and mid-calf length skirts, but we didn’t say anything about full length. That’s because maxis are great for post-pregnancy! An empire style maxi dress below is perfect for giving you a lean look and providing ultimate comfort.

Try Tummy Drapery

The author of Bump It Up, a mom’s fashion blog, recommends wearing tops or dresses that hang over your tummy instead of something that is form-fitting in that area.

Use this style to incorporate some fun florals for spring. Whether you go for large designs or smaller prints, floral patterns can be incorporated into blouses and dresses of almost any style. Keep your prints bright and fun to get the most out of this spring trend.

Accessorize, Accessorize and Accessorize

Draw attention away from parts of your body that are still trying to bounce back. You can do this by making sure you have some chunky necklines, dangling earrings and fashionable bracelets. Coordinate them with your outfits to really look fabulous.

[1] Tropical Strip Maxi Dress [2] Lace Tier Tank [3] Borealis Chain Bib Necklace [4] ‘In Power Line’ Shaper [5] Pieced Strip Maxi Skirt
Invest in Shapewear

Shapewear will be your best friend during this transitional time. When you want to get yourself into those pre-pregnancy pants, shapewear can make that possible. Try buying a few different pieces to complement what you’re wearing. It’s also good in helping you get your toned, flat tummy back.

Embrace Above-the-Knee Skirts

Don’t be scared to show off some leg after becoming a new mom. You are still sexy and beautiful, and calf or mid-calf length skirts can make you look short and wide.

Throw the Heels On

You may not want to or feel too comfortable, but heels make women feel beautiful. Don’t go crazy with 5-inch heels, but stick with 2 inches to give you just a little bit of lift. You’ll love the way you look and feel in them!

This is the perfect opportunity to embrace the bootie. You won’t be game for wearing those pre-pregnancy 5-inch heels. You aren’t Kim Kardashian, after all. Instead, work with the moderate heel that the ankle bootie provides. This peep toe ankle bootie will do the trick! The vertical boost will make you feel more confident as you work your way back to your pre-baby body.

Tailor Your Clothes

If you’re already at your pre-pregnancy weight, you may have noticed that your body isn’t quite the same as it was. This is normal. Pregnancy can make your rib cage expand, which can throw your clothes off. Meet with a tailor who can make adjustments to your clothes so they fit just as perfectly as they did before pregnancy.

Shirts with a Scoop Neckline

Just because your breasts are larger doesn’t mean that you want them shown to the world, even though that may be hard with your pre-pregnancy clothes. When shopping for new clothes, stick with necklines that are either a V-neck or scoop. This will give you a flattering look. Pair your scoop neckline with some statement pieces that work with whatever color palate you’re working with. Pair pastels with a cool silver piece and neutrals with a warm gold.

This doesn’t mean you should wear big clothes. Instead, choose flowy tops with leggings or even tailored pants. It will give you leaner and flattering look.

Be Creative with Maternity Apparel

During your transition phase, you can ditch the jeans with maternity waists, but keep the long, flowy dresses. Use a belt to turn one into a stylish empire-waist dress for a flattering look. You can also use the shirts and blouses since they are often designed to drape over your belly and now hide it.

If you’re a bigger fan of the classically simply look, request a pair of diamond studs as a belated push present.

When You Feel Good, You Look Good

As much as you want to throw on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt, it’s likely you won’t feel too glamorous in them. Don’t allow yourself to feel that way. You are a new mom doing an amazing job caring for your little baby. You deserve to feel and dress like you’re Super Mom. Try out these simple yet stylish fashion tips to look great no matter what you’re doing in your crazy days of new motherhood.

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