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Monday Morning Coffee Break

We here at Move swear by our morning coffee. And afternoon coffee. And after-dinner espresso. (Well, maybe that last one is just me.) With as coffee-crazed as I am, I’m always on the lookout for chic French presses, espresso tampers, latte mugs and the like. I’ve even got a board on Pinterest for my virtual caffeine collection. So, as you can imagine, it’s my pleasure to share these super sleek java essentials from our friends over at Tailour. Enjoy, and cheers! —Ashley
Tools of the Trade: Coffee Break

If you’re anything like us, the morning doesn’t get started until you’ve had your first cup (or first two to three cups!) of coffee. Jump start your AM routine with a few of our favorite java essentials:

1. Glass Creamer

The traditional half-pint milk carton gets a modern makeover with this glass version.

2. Coffee Joulies

Don’t have time to wait around for your latte to cool? Coffee Joulies instantly absorb heat to cool down your coffee and then keep your coffee at the perfect temp. (Genius!)

3. Gold French Press

A French press is such an easy and simple way to brew coffee in the AM. How chic is this press in gold?

4. Gold Coffee Spoons

Stir in a little cream and sugar with these modern and fashionable spoons.

5. Gold Gilded Sugar Bowl

If you’re going to sweeten up your coffee, you might as well do it in style. We love the contemporary feel of this gold gilded bowl.

6. Lip Tease Mug

We’re totally coveting this playful white mug accented with a gold lipstick mark.

7. Travel Mug

A Bodum spill-proof tumbler is just the thing to transport your coffee from home, to the office, and to the first meeting of the day.

8. Coffee Cup Sleeve

Go green with this reusable Jimmy Choo leather coffee cup sleeve. Talk about a morning dose of luxury!

9. Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

Upgrade your AM routine by pouring a cup of coffee from this incredibly sleek pot.

10. Illy Coffee

Illy’s whole-bean coffee is delicious! We’re partial to the Brazilian flavor—there’s hints of chocolate in every sip.

This article originally appeared on To a Tee by Tailour.

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    that’s such a gorgeous silver carafe!!!

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