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Modern Manners: Etiquette for Girls on the Go

Our world changes so quickly. Technology is rampant, social mores keep evolving, and office politics can be a minefield as gender, race and sexual orientation diversify the modern workplace.  This developing landscape is exciting, but knowing how to interact with our fellow human beings without inadvertently being offensive can prove challenging. I often find myself asking Ashley her opinion on these modern interactions. “Is it rude if I don’t respond to an electronic invitation if there are eighty people invited?” “Do I have to send a handwritten thank-you card or will a digital note suffice?” “Do I need to use a salutation in every email?”

This modern world has a new set of rules. Event planner and etiquette expert Ashley Fauset is our go-to girl for queries on social graces, from the workplace to weddings to everything in between. I’m pleased to introduce our newest column, Modern Manners with Ashley Fauset, to help us all navigate our dynamic world together with a little more civility, awareness and grace.

We invite you to ask your own questions and join in the conversation!
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Modern Manners is the answer to your etiquette uncertainties. Have a specific question? Email it to askashley[at]movelifestyle[dot]com or send a tweet to @movelifestyle with the hashtag #moveaskash.

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Jenn Wong

Jenn Wong - the Urban Ninja - is the publisher and host of Way of The Wong, a contributor to the LA tech blog lalawag, and has covered the LA cocktail community in Angeleno Magazine. You can find her online @wayofthewong | @wayofthewong on Instagram

  • Autumn Reeser
    Question: When sending thank yous for toddler presents, is an email okay if it’s paired with a cute pic of your kid? (I mean, they can’t write anyway, right?)
    • AshleyFauset
      I think that’s an adorable idea, @autumnreeser:disqus ! The rules are certainly a little more lax when it comes to gift recipients who are more ‘scribblers’ rather than ‘scribes’. The important thing is to acknowledge the gift from the sender and to say thanks.
  • AshleyFauset
    Thanks for the lovely intro, Jenn! I am really excited about the column and can’t wait to hear what questions our readers have. Ask away, everyone!
  • Rebecca Woodcock
    I feel like I constantly have etiquette questions and I can’t wait for one to come up so I can ask right here! So excited for this new column! XOXO
    • AshleyFauset
      I’m so glad you’re excited, Rebecca! Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer in upcoming columns? Shoot them my way! I’d be honored to address something you’re specifically interested about for next month! xoxo

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