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A Room to Grow (Up) In: Reveal

Finally! I’m so excited to share with you the big toddler-to-teen room reveal we’ve been working on in collaboration with The Land of Nod! The most important part of the design process to me was to source pieces that would be appropriate for both a three-year-old and a teenager. After taking down the crib and moving the baby things out of my son’s room, I wanted to give him a space to grow in to, not just get a “big boy bed,” or design a toddler room, but create a bedroom for a boy who’s constantly developing and maturing. I turned to our resident interior design expert, Alyssa Boland, to design the space, and am beyond thrilled with the outcome!

Bold and colorful, the pieces in this room are playful and vibrant. The bright yellow stripes of the Wide-Lined bedding is attention-getting, while the cool darker hues keep the room grounded and balanced. My favorite moment is the Pop of Red Pendant lamp in the center of the ceiling. A juxtaposition of retro and modern, the lamp is an unexpected burst of color against the stark canvas of the ceiling and the perfectly subdued blue-grey walls by Jen Guerin at JG Color Studios.

Artwork for Rhys’s room was chosen for its significance as well as aesthetics. A poster from the Deathcab for Cutie show at El Rey Theater commemorates the first live concert Rhys attended. “The Number Series” by hangs above the bed, a gem I grabbed at the museum gift shop after taking Rhys to see the exhibit of the artist’s work at LACMA. I love the color palette, the imaginative imagery, and the fact that it’s the numbers one through ten, it’s the most creative way I’ve seen the numbers displayed. For a close-up look at each number in this drawing, click here: The Official Tim Burton Website.

Anyone who knows me is well-aware of my obsession with stripes. The more, the better! When the Oh Joy for Nod line launched, my eye was immediately drawn to this little grey and white pachyderm. I am not a huge fan of stuffed animals, but a) Rhys loves elephants, and b) this little guy won my heart. Done and done.

Every kid needs a table of his own. Perched atop these insanely cute Two Tone Teak Chairs, it’s the perfect place for coloring, building Legos, for stomping stegosauruses, and making mama faux expresso. The crazy-cute wooden espresso maker, (a Christmas gift to Rhys from Autumn’s son, Finn), is kind of my favorite thing ever. The “Pickboy” painting is an homage to my musician husband, done by a dear friend of ours a few years ago.

One of the most fun elements of the room are the finials. “The WHAT?” you ask? The finials! They’re the decorative end caps to curtain rods, and I am super in love with the Silver Rock Finials. They’re the same multi-faceted shape of the lamp on the nightstand. With such a clever name as “Between a Rock and a Lamp Base,” how can you go wrong?

The low-profile design of the On the Grid Bookcase is so appealing to me. Tall enough to provide ample storage with four cubes to stash stuff, the wire rack design takes up so little visual space. I am often guilty of over-loading bookcases, so I was particularity grateful to have Alyssa’s input on styling the shelves.  These bookcases can be placed side-by-side to create a wider shelving unit, and their timeless design means they can surely move with my son from home to his dorm room. Above the bookshelf hangs a framed vinyl album by Gotye, a memento from another concert I took Rhys to.

Wall shelving can look so static, but the unexpected shape of the Honeycomb Wall Shelf , makes the shelf looks more like sculpture, which adds form and function to the wall! Plus, where else can a collection of neon dinosaurs be so proudly displayed?

One of the best features of Rhys’s room is the incredibly wide window, which gives the room so much natural light. The challenge of such a wide window is finding furnishings that don’t obstruct the glass, yet are still functional. Alyssa advised on a multi-purpose bench that can be used for seating, a reading nook, a play surface, and most importantly, has storage doors and drawers to stash toys and puzzles within. At the end of the day, I love to cozy up on the window seat with my feet propped on the grey pouf , and watch Rhys play.

Stripes and mores stripes. The Striped Cube Storage Bins are a perfect fit in the bookshelves, and are the best place to store smaller toys that would otherwise look too busy out on the shelves. I am all about concealing clutter, and these bins are the best catch-alls. They’re also great for towels or blankets, shoes, and anything else you might want to keep out of sight.

And no, the frame above that shelf isn’t a reference to the social media hashtag we’re all used to seeing these days. It’s another framed vinyl album bearing a macro shot of the pound key on a pay phone. (Wait, a what?) This album, Codes and Keys, is the record released by Deathcab for Cutie during their 2011 tour–Rhys’s first concert.

However cool I think the design is, it doesn’t matter unless the master of the room thinks so, too. After the bed was made, the shelves erected, the pillows fluffed, the hardware installed, and artwork was hung, we opened the bedroom door to reveal the design to Rhys. He peered in the room, gave out an elongated, “Whoaaaaa!” and ran inside. Such a happy customer. I think it’s safe to say we nailed it.

Are you going to be updating your child’s room or designing a nursery? Be sure to enter our “Sprouting Up” Giveaway to win $250 to The Land of Nod and a prize pack from The Honest Company! Contest ends Tuesday, 4/22/14!

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Ashley Fauset

Ashley is a party planner, grammar enthusiast, classically trained dancer, and coffee aficionado. She lives in Los Angeles with her musician husband and their hammy four-year-old, and shares her tales of mama-hood at Silver Lake Mom. You can find her online on Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

  • Leslie Durso
    So cute! I love what you did!
    • AshleyFauset
      Thanks, Leslie!
  • Angela W.
    Love it! Where did you get the bed from? I’m hoping I did not miss the mention of it, but I have a 2 year old, so there is always a chance I did.
    • AshleyFauset
      Thanks so much, Angela! I know how distracting two-year-olds can be. 😉 The bed is the Kura loft bed from Ikea; I painted it white to make it look more streamlined. It’s a great piece, and so versatile. It can be flipped to make a play area beneath the bed, or you can put another mattress below to make bunk beds, which is my eventual plan. If you search the bed name on Pinterest, you’ll see a ton of creative things people have done with the bed. I’ve seen it with chalkboard panels, made into a castle, a playhouse, and more! Have fun!
      • Angela W.
        Thanks for the reply, Ashley! My son is quickly growing out of his toddler bed, so I need all the ideas I can get. :)
        • AshleyFauset
          You’re so welcome! We ALL need all the ideas we can get. 😉 xo
  • alyssa
    So thrilled with how this Toddler to Teen room turned out. Thanks Land Of Nod for the rad pieces and to Jen Guerin of JG Color Studios for the expert paint job! It was so fun to design this hip room and I think it ended up being timeless and cool enough for this hip kiddo.
  • chinaplate
    I know this is a very old post, but where did the window seat unit come from? I’m looking for this exact thing/
    • Jenn Wong
      It’s a bookshelf from IKEA on its side that has cushions.

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