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Tech: Mini Me {Covers for Your iPad Mini}

I was holiday-gifted with an iPad Mini, and have since been obsessed with finding just the right cover. Choosing clothing for our tech is tantamount to dressing a mini you: your  personality and taste will be judged by it. In preparation for that judgement day, I have hand-picked a selection of Mini covers that just might reflect the mini you.

Book Worm

For the academic, budding Keats, or Cyrano in training-quills, here is a hard bound cover to give your iPad Mini a spine sans paper cuts.

Just for Hugs

This adorable felt cover hugs your iPad with zero irony in its plushie arms. For the young-at-heart or zookeeper in all of us.

Kick Ass

With three layers of ‘Xtreme’ protection, this case will protect your mini self from shock while still managing to strike awe in your arch nemesis. (Mask and cape are not included)

Free as a Bird

Flirty and feminine, this svelte temporary tattoo for your Mini’s curves comes in ninety different flavors, complete with matching wallpaper images. If you’re the kind of person who thinks knowing his last name is too much commitment, then this is the case for you.

Royal Flair

The ultimate in luxury. Gorgeous matelassé Catarina leather in a number of jewel tones fit for a queen. If the closest thing to manual labor your hands have ever seen is Farmville, then this buttery-soft case is sure to match your highness’s hands.

Which case is closest to your personality? Is there a case we missed that reflects the mini you? Let us know in the comments!

Bloom: “A flourishing, healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty and artistry.” This month we’re celebrating all things spring and ‘April-showering’ you with beauty and joy.

Author Description

Jenn Wong

Jenn Wong - the Urban Ninja - is the publisher and host of Way of The Wong, a contributor to the LA tech blog lalawag, and has covered the LA cocktail community in Angeleno Magazine. You can find her online @wayofthewong | @wayofthewong on Instagram

  • Michael G.
    I’d chose the iPad smart case from Apple if it was available for the iPad mini. For the choices here, I’d take the Kick Ass one. Which one did/would you chose?
    • Jenn Wong
      The smart case is available, but Apple didn’t have the color I wanted – Navy Blue. For some reason, they decided that was only appropriate for the full scale iPad?! I love the kick ass one because it is overkill for a tablet but I personally chose a semi boring masculine wool case with leather strap: — what do you think that says about me?
      • Michael G.
        I think you mean the smart cover. The smart case protects the front and the back of the iPad. Your choice of cover says you’re cold hearted. That was easy :-p
        • Jenn Wong
          true. just like my favorite Instagram filter: Cold Hearted Hudson.
          I think the adjective ‘smart’ is being over-used. Clearly it is making us more stupid.
          • AshleyFauset
            Ha! Amen to that last bit, Jenn. True, indeed.
          • Michael G.
            I used the Hudson filter twice today… I’m scared. And yes, smart TV, smartphone… we need a new adjective for really smart people like us. “Wong” sounds good!
  • Autumn Reeser
    I like the ‘free as a bird’ choice and love that you can match your wallpaper, too! Brilliant design idea!

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