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How to Workout While at Work Sitting at Computer

How to Make Your Office Time: Your New Workout Time

When it comes to honing a beautiful body, spending 40 hours or more in the office isn’t the scenario that immediately jumps to mind. Too often people shrug off their time at work as ‘dead time,’ but there are many simple ways to turn this time into prime workout time, leaving you with more free hours in your day.

How to Add Your Workout to Your Workday

How to Add Your Workout to Your Workday

1. Don’t Do What You Don’t Want To

When you’re feeling sluggish dragging yourself out of the office for a jog round the park is probably the last thing you want to do. Don’t do it then. Instead, pop on your running clothes and go for a brisk walk. Chances are you’ll find yourself breaking into a jog at some point anyway. If not, congratulate yourself. You may not have run a marathon but you saw the outside world, burned some calories and will be back at your desk feeling way more refreshed to take on the afternoon. The best way to keep motivated is to love what you do do, not hate on yourself for what you don’t.

2. Think Small, Gain Big

Pick a point of time, every hour you work. I chose every ten-to-the-hour, but pick whatever is best for you. Clench your glutes five to ten times and roll your shoulders back to realign your posture. Your glutes are the biggest muscles in your body; by firing them up you’ll get them burning calories all day. It is also important to have strong glutes to support your spine and aid your postural alignment. If you miss an hour, don’t sweat it, but if you do manage to stick to it, you stand to burn an extra 350 calories per week without even trying–That’s the equivalent as a half-hour run!

3. Chill Out at the Water Cooler

The same part of your brain lets you know if you are both hungry and thirsty, so it is unsurprising your body can gets confused from time to time. Next time you feel hungry, drink a large glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If you are still feeling hungry, by all means eat, but get yourself into the habit of listening to your body actually needs. The pounds will start to melt away. It’s always better to drink water rather than soda or fruit juice. Try adding mint, lemon, or raspberries to liven the flavor up a bit.

How to Add Your Workout to Your Workday

4. Bat Your Lashes

Ok, technically this trick may not help with your beach body, but is important nonetheless. Staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods of time reduces the amount you blink (and increases irritability and redness) the glare can also damage your lenses which in turn can lead to decreased sight, so it is important to take a break. The most agreed-upon method by scientists is the 20:20:20 method. Every 20 mins spend 20 seconds focusing on a distance of 20 feet. Doing this should help you win the battle against digital eye strain.

5. Brainstorm On-the-Move

A dull boardroom is never going to be a hotbed of inspiration, though a new neighborhood or local park might. Try to make some of your weekly meetings “walking meetings.” Studies have shown that activity paired with changing scenery helps inspiration, not to mention the fact the movement will aid circulation and burn calories. If this is really impractical, say if many notes need to be taken, encourage your office to host standing meetings and you’ll notice the difference.

Do you have any work/out tips to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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