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What to Wear on a Road Trip 2015

Glamping Style: What to Wear on a Road Trip

Every time summer rolls around, I’m newly obsessed with the idea of the open road — camping, adventuring and road-tripping. I could spend hours envisioning and planning a cross-country drive with friends or family, and the day dreaming doesn’t stop when it comes to what I would wear! I think a lot about the essentials that keep you most comfortable on the road, so without further ado, here’s my 2015 list of what to wear when you’re on a road trip.

[1] House of Harlow Tribal Necklace [2] Madewell Torn Skinnies [3] This is Ground Tablet Holder
[4] Starbucks Travel Mug [ 5] Zeal Memphis Sunglasses [6] Vans Cali Tee [7] Filson Travel Bag [8] Harlow Driving Moccasins

Photography by: Briana Lane for Paper Tiger Photo

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