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Girl Friday: Revisted

The other day in one of our meetings, Autumn was remarking about a friend who is a successful actress, having a baby and launching a new clothing line, asking out loud, “How does she do it all?” That is a question we often ask ourselves here at Move LifeStyle.  Since there is no single path to success, and everyone’s process is a little different, we’ve been fortunate to learn from each other’s attempts to juggle life, families, careers and everything in between.  Being a woman has added challenges, and it has been stories of women who triumph, despite the possible pitfalls, that have resonated with us as we navigate this career landscape ourselves. Girl Friday is the embodiment of that line of questioning, and is one of our favorite columns here at Move LifeStyle.  We are inspired by the lives of working women and the circuitous paths that their lives take.  Here are a few of our favorites, in the hope that you will be as inspired as we have been.

Jesse Draper

Jesse Draper has built the business empire Valley Girl Inc., by talking about, well, business. A refreshing twist on typical number-crunching suit shows, her syndicated web talk program, The Valley Girl Show, can be accurately described as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show for business.” A typical day on the set of The Valley Girl Show may involve pink umbrellas, boas, or pom-poms, in addition to any number of silly parlor games for the unsuspecting Silicon Valley entrepreneur.  Dovetailing on the success of her show, Jesse has started a networking organization for women in business, revealing her soft spot for helping women navigate the stereotypically masculine working world. –Jenn

Photography by: Lindsey Freitas

Jenny Mollen Biggs

Actress, Writer, and schadenfreude connoisseur, Jenny Mollen Biggs lives in a world that many of us only wish to visit someday: the world of imaginary things. Both reviled by conservatives and heralded by the Huffington Post, Jenny’s social media presence is unmistakably that of a post-modern provocateur, consistently delivering ironic self-reflective tweets and Instagram photos to instigate and amuse. In this newfound role as a spinner of tall tales, Jenny has written a standing column for Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket, aptly titled “What She Said,” and recently signed a book deal with St Martin’s Press for her collection of comedic essays entitled “I Like You Just The Way I Am.” –Jenn

Photography by: Adam Hendershott

Erika Brechtel

Already a fan of Erika Brechtel’s popular blog, null, I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting her earlier this year at an event for Restoration Hardware. We immediately bonded over our conversation about Hawaii, the challenges of being working mothers and the treat of being out with our husbands for the evening. Erika’s graphic design business is her bread and butter, helping companies define their personal brand. Her stylish self-designed home was recently featured on The Glitter Guide, (photographed by Jen Daigle, who also took these lovely images of Erika and her family). Classy, focused, business-minded and creative, Erika is the kind of woman I look up to and I am so happy to have had the pleasure of getting to know her this year. I know you’ll enjoy her, too. –Autumn

Photography by: Jennifer Daigle

Katrina Amato

There’s no question that Katrina Amato is alluring. She’s graceful, poised. I first encountered Katrina in choreography class while studying dance in college, and immediately found her intriguing–her sincere eyes, kind demeanor, incredible dance ability. Beyond Katrina’s earthly talents lies a woman who’s grounded and level-headed. Yes, she’s a working fashion model, but as a practiced Yogi, she has a true passion for bettering the world around her. Currently mentoring young girls interested in careers in the modeling industry, she offers guidance on how to navigate the uglier side of beauty. Also a gifted yoga instructor, Katrina teaches private and small group classes in her sanctuary-like home studio. Committed to empowering women of all ages and sizes in a safe and comfortable environment, Katrina aims to help women relax, find their inner light and leave class feeling like a goddess. Katrina is true inspiration, inside and out. –Ashley

Photography by: Kristen Honey

Megan Hunt

Megan Hunt first appeared on my radar in 2008, when I was engaged and trolling the still fairly small online wedding blogosphere. Hunting for wedding inspiration, I saw Megan’s gorgeous vintage glam wedding, and her handmade felt bouquets were being carried by bride after bride. My interest piqued. I followed the online trail to her blog, Princess Lasertron, where I fell in love with her direct, off-the-cuff writing style and her quirky-confident fashion sense. Now she has an adorable little girl, a new business venture, Hello Holiday and a passion for inspiring women of all ages. You’re about to fall in love, too. –Autumn

Photography by: Jessica Ewald

Let us know in the comments below who has been your favorite Girl Friday! If you would like to nominate someone to be a Girl Friday, please contact us here.

Girl Friday is a phrase more common to the 1940s and 50s, defined as “a female employee who has a wide range of duties,” and is most recognizable from the film His Girl Friday. Here at Move LifeStyle, we’re resurrecting its saucy vibe for the title of our last column of the week which profiles inspiring women in the workforce. If you like this series, click here for more Girl Friday Interviews.

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