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Finn’s Second Birthday

My little guy’s second birthday was this weekend! We kept the guest list small and celebrated with a Balloons, Bubbles + Balls party at our home. I bought a rainbow of bottled sodas, polka-dot straws, and the pint-size guests each took home a balloon tied to neon bubbles. Since I was away working in Atlanta for much of the month, I had to make it fairly easy to throw everything together in the day and a half I had when I returned. While I was traveling, I kept track of images that inspired me on a Pinterest board, ordered everything online that I possibly could, and relied heavily on the help of family and friends. (Thanks, guys!)

I absolutely loved this image of a confetti wall, so I replicated it in the entryway to the party. It was so inexpensive and made such a great festive statement. I borrowed giant exercise balls and an IKEA circus tent for the kids to play with in the backyard and pinned a smattering of personal photos to a fabric-covered bulletin board as a centerpiece.

One wall in our dining room is painted with chalkboard paint, so I took a tip from this image and created a mini portrait of two-year old Finn’s life.

With a pregnancy and my intense work schedule, I could not have thrown the party together without the help of family and friends. My  hubby did all the grocery shopping, my Dad made a last-minute balloon and ice run, my mom helped with a final clean up, Ashley and Jenn set up all the food at the last minute, and Ashley even finished frosting the cake!. So thankful for them!

The most time consuming thing was definitely the rainbow birthday cake, but I’d seen it on Pinterest and was slightly obsessed with making it, despite my many past failures at baking. The good thing about this cake is it’s very forgiving. Mine came out quite lopsided after I’d stacked everything up, but I just evened things up with a little extra frosting and voila! Nobody was the wiser and it just tasted MORE delicious, in my humble opinion. (BTW, I just used store-bought white cake mix and food coloring, though I did go for homemade cream cheese icing between the layers because that kind of decadence just doesn’t come in a can!)

Overall, it was an inexpensive, low-stress party on a perfect California day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better and I had one very tired and very happy little boy that night.

Photography via Bob Cho Tom Reeser

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Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

  • Diamenrose
    Aww soo cute! It’s crazy when i think about your old blog how small he was and how grown up he has become now!
    • Autumn Reeser
      Right? He’s a little boy now, talking up a storm. :)
      • Diamenrose
        aww i am soo happy for you! Congrats! Whenever i see you the good old o.c time comes up on my minde xxo you are a great actress. Can’t wait for more projects of you. Take care and congrats for baby no.2 :)
        PS: And thank youu for replying have to pinch myself again xo
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  • Luciano
    What a lovely family you have, Autumn, and Finn is just so cute! Congrats on the second pregnancy as well, I can’t wait to have some kids of my own as well!
  • AmyD
    Thanks for sharing, I love the rainbow cake. My little one will turn 2 on June 9 and was looking for a cake to make for dinner that night to celebrate with family. His birthday party is on the 15th and he loves mickey! Congrats on the 2nd baby.
  • Tianna Thomason

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