Sheryl Sandberg Before She Banned “Bossy”

Sheryl Sandberg Before She Banned “Bossy” Women are underestimating their abilities. Women are opting out before they've even begun. This is the reality that Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, author, and women's activist, wants to change.
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Girl Friday: Christine Lakin

Girl Friday: Christine Lakin Pint-size talent Christine Lakin has a consistently positive attitude after a couple of decades working in television, as well as the endless creativity to generate her own content. At age 12 she landed the role of Al on "Step By Step," who she played for a successful seven season run. An incredibly talented musical theater performer, she appeared in the stage versions of "Heathers" and Silence!" (of the Lambs), the film "Reefer Madness," as well as choreographing for TV shows such as "True Blood." She is a voiceover artist on "Family Guy," a host on "The Soup Investigates," a judge on "Internet Icon" as well as the creator of web series "Lovin' Lakin" and the stage series "Worst Ever." And that’s only a portion of her resume. Are you as exhausted as I am?! Her boundless energy endears her to everyone she meets and her tips for staying strong in a creative field will inspire you to get out there and create magic in your own life.
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Spotlight On: Katie Griffin & Yvonne Portra

Spotlight On: Katie Griffin & Yvonne Portra I've always been captivated by endlessly talented Katie Griffin. Her crystal blue eyes are more piercing than any you've seen, her spirit is kind, and her gift for dance is immeasurable. Katie and I met in college, sharing both studio and stage, or site-specific space as the case may be, working toward our dance degrees. Photographer Yvonne Portra started appearing form behind her camera lens during classes and rehearsals, Katie's better half, whose ability to capture stillness in motion is unparalleled. Both the other's muse, these lovely artists seemed to make the perfect match. They've most recently embarked on a new endeavor together, launching their company, Nut 'n Bean.
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Girl Friday: Samantha Harris

Girl Friday: Samantha Harris Samantha Harris is one of the hardest working women in entertainment. Having done hosting stints at E!, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, she became the host of Dancing With The Stars from 2006-2010. Fitness is a huge part of her life and she appears often on the cover of fitness magazines like Shape, Self and Muscle & Fitness. With health being such an enormous part of her life, she’s facing an exceptional challenge with her recent diagnosis of breast cancer. We caught up with Samantha while she spent a day working from home and caring for her children.
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Shout Her Lovely Name
Short Stories by Natalie Serber

It’s a rare book that stays with me throughout the day, and keeps me looking for windows of time in my day when I can read another installment. Shout Her Lovely Name, by Natalie Serber, was one such book. It’s a collection of short stories, most of them centered on two characters: the flamboyant Ruby Hargrove and later her daughter Nora.
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6 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

6 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following If you love letterpress and just-plain-gorgeous stationery as much as the Move LifeStyle ladies do, you’ll love the feed from this Pittsburgh-based design team. The wry comedian shares ridiculous photos of paraphernalia from his nerdy-glamou
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An Interview with Novelist Alexis Smith
And Why ‘Glaciers’ Just Might Be the Perfect Book

If you read the jacket cover of Glaciers, a little blue book by Portland writer Alexis Smith, here’s what you find: This is a story about Isabel, a twenty-something thrift-store shopper who lives alone in a small apartment with a cat. She works in the Portland library, where she repairs damaged books and falls in love with a co-worker, a returned soldier. And she’s haunted by the life of discarded things, like old postcards and photographs that end up at thrift stores. In short, it is the perfect book. Which is why I avoided reading it.
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Girl Friday: Morin Oluwole,
Chief of Staff Facebook Global Marketing

Girl Friday: Morin Oluwole, </br>Chief of Staff Facebook Global Marketing Morin Oluwold is a true citizen of the world. She speaks five languages and has lived on three different continents. Now she's taking the online world by storm as the Chief of Staff VP Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook. Morin shares her journey from Nigeria to New York, and reflects on how and why she's become the successful savvy business woman she is today.
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