Shout Her Lovely Name
Short Stories by Natalie Serber

It’s a rare book that stays with me throughout the day, and keeps me looking for windows of time in my day when I can read another installment. Shout Her Lovely Name, by Natalie Serber, was one such book. It’s a collection of short stories, most of them centered on two characters: the flamboyant Ruby Hargrove and later her daughter Nora.
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6 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

6 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following If you love letterpress and just-plain-gorgeous stationery as much as the Move LifeStyle ladies do, you’ll love the feed from this Pittsburgh-based design team. The wry comedian shares ridiculous photos of paraphernalia from his nerdy-glamou
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An Interview with Novelist Alexis Smith
And Why ‘Glaciers’ Just Might Be the Perfect Book

If you read the jacket cover of Glaciers, a little blue book by Portland writer Alexis Smith, here’s what you find: This is a story about Isabel, a twenty-something thrift-store shopper who lives alone in a small apartment with a cat. She works in the Portland library, where she repairs damaged books and falls in love with a co-worker, a returned soldier. And she’s haunted by the life of discarded things, like old postcards and photographs that end up at thrift stores. In short, it is the perfect book. Which is why I avoided reading it.
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Girl Friday: Morin Oluwole,
Chief of Staff Facebook Global Marketing

Girl Friday: Morin Oluwole, </br>Chief of Staff Facebook Global Marketing Morin Oluwold is a true citizen of the world. She speaks five languages and has lived on three different continents. Now she's taking the online world by storm as the Chief of Staff VP Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook. Morin shares her journey from Nigeria to New York, and reflects on how and why she's become the successful savvy business woman she is today.
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My Former Life as a Dancer and Why
LA Dance Project is the Best Thing to Come to LA

My Former Life as a Dancer and Why </br>LA Dance Project is the Best Thing to Come to LA As a dancer, it's always troubled me that Los Angeles doesn't have a proper dance company, not even a strong ballet presence to speak of. I've always waited for the companies to come to town. LA's newest dance company, LA Dance Project founded by French choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, (most famous for his choreography and role in the film Black Swan, starring his now wife, Natalie Portman), is taking up residency in the recently renovated and reopened Theater at the Ace Hotel. I couldn't be more excited.
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Q+A: Julia Eichten, LA Dance Project

Q+A: Julia Eichten, LA Dance Project Years of rigorous training granted Julia Eichten admittance to the dance program at the prestigious Juilliard School. It was there on the campus in New York City where she encountered French-born dancer/choreographer Benjamin Millepied, best known for his choreography and performance in the 2010 film Black Swan. It's said that timing can be everything: Millepied was in the process of forming a new dance company to fill the void in the dance-starved city of Los Angeles, and invited Julia to collaborate on the new venture. Julia left NYC, moved cross-country to make Los Angeles her new home and to devote her creative energies into the fledgling dance company.
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Are You There, Judy Blume?
It’s me, I’m a Mom Now?

Are You There, Judy Blume? </br>It’s me, I’m a Mom Now? My mother never had “the talk” with me. She was a wonderfully caring mother who was traumatized as a girl by getting her first period. My grandmother neglected to explain things to her and when the time came, she recalls sitting on the toilet in the girls' bathroom at school, screaming that she was dying. When my turn came, I was handed a book by the incomparable Judy Blume.
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6 Women to Watch in Sochi
In the 2014 Winter Olympics

6 Women to Watch in Sochi </br>In the 2014 Winter Olympics Women have come quite a long way since the Games began, initially only allowed to compete in the figure skating and mixed pairs events. It's no wonder women made up a mere 4% of the athletes to compete at the first Winter Games in Chamonix in 1924. Now, 90 years later, women will compete in a total of 14 events, with a record 88 nations participating in this year's Games. Here are my favorite women to watch for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
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