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At Home: Blue-Hued Brunch

At Home: Blue-Hued Brunch Weekends in Los Angeles lend themselves to long brunches in stylish settings with the most interesting of folks to sip a few bellinis with. It truly is a culture out here: from Sunday brunches at the trendy local farm-to-table joint or an al-fresco breakfast in your friend's backyard, we Angelenos take this meal seriously. Which means the table should be just as interesting as those bellini-imbibing guests.
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Brighten up your Home for Summer Entertaining

Brighten up your Home for Summer Entertaining Lately, my life has been a series of tepid decisions. I choose clear polish for my finger tips. I have been driving the same reliable car for eleven years. My wardrobe is a mix of whites, blacks, and grays. However, something has come over me this summer. I have been exploring the possibility of being bold. Making choices, instead of sitting on the sidelines. Summer calls for something bright and fun, and by-golly I'm going to take advantage of it!
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At Home: Garden Party

At Home: Garden Party he sweltering temps we are experiencing here in LA are forcing me to crave dinners al-fresco and picnics on freshly cut grass in the shade of a massive oak tree. It might not be as blissful outside for the rest of the nation just yet, so to inspire thoughts of outdoor living I put together this "garden party" design scheme to either dream of fancifully on dreary days or implement immediately for those nights when it doesn't cool down past 80 degrees.
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A Room to Grow (Up) In

A Room to Grow (Up) In Furniture can be expensive, and with such high price tags, I'd expect to get more than a couple of years out of each piece. I set out to find furnishings that wouldn't look out of place in a three-year-old's room OR in a thirteen-year-old's room. Land of Nod is such a no-brainer when it comes to room design for children, because the pieces aren't child-like. The furniture is modern and hip, yet functional and durable.
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At Home: Hip Digs for a Hip Kid

At Home: Hip Digs for a Hip Kid Designing rooms for little ones is probably about the most fun you can have when working in the interiors industry. Who wouldn't love a chance to indulge their inner child and create a room that your seven-year-old self would have gone crazy for? I was lucky enough to design a toddler's room for the adorable son of one of the fabulous on-line editors. When approached with the opportunity, I immediately knew my go-to spot just had to be Land of Nod.
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At Home: Fresh Greens

At Home: Fresh Greens Hues in hunter, kelly, jade, army, olive and the on-trend mint have been creeping into my latest and greatest designs. Pair any of those luscious shades with touches of brass and it makes a space instantly spring anew. In a graphic trellis wallpaper or on a bohemian paisley pillow, accents in these green shades will leave visitors ripe with envy.
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At Home: Boudoir Bliss

At Home: Boudoir Bliss Every bedroom should be tranquil, relaxing and absolutely sexy. This month I couldn't help but put together a bedroom that connotes a touch of romance, a hint of glamour and a lot of sensuality. Forgive me while I go ahead and indulge my feminine side.
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At Home: Get It Together

At Home: Get It Together After all this chaos that encircled the holidays has passed, all the presents have been unwrapped, (and not yet put away), and the decorations have been stashed back in their hiding place, what better way to give you and your home a clean slate to begin the new year with, than to get it together?
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