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Trend Report: Gold Glimmer

Trend Report: Gold Glimmer April weather can be such a tease. For instance, in my hood, our temps range between 44° to 74° this month with thunderstorms, gusty winds, and varying levels of intolerable humidity on every horizon, but with the bitter chill of the mornings, what to wear? I fight with myself, or should I say, my closet, every morning and especially when my work attire needs to take me straight through the night.
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Trend Report: Cobalt Crush

Trend Report: Cobalt Crush There comes a time for me in the cold months when I need to get out of the jeans, boots and oversized sweater rut. More than ever, since leaving LA, tights have become the means by which I literally change my ways. Not going to lie, sometimes multipl
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Trend Report: Red Hot for Valentine’s Day

Trend Report: Red Hot for Valentine’s Day Valentine's Day. You're either one of those people that is in love with love and is obsessed it, or you're not. Either way, looking and feeling your best is the #1 priority, even if you are sitting at a restaurant with your girlfriends pretending those diamonds the woman at the table next to you received are cliché.
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Trend Report: Winter White

Trend Report: Winter White Winter white was a huge trend for fall and something I am inexplicably drawn to each year. Everyone from Derek Lam to Alexander McQueen sent head-to-toe white looks strutting down the runway, further confirming the monochromatic ensemble as a major global statement from the fashion world. Understandably, we typically reserve wearing white for the warmer months in breezy linens and cottons, however, stocking up on separates in luxurious wools and cashmeres will instantly set you apart and keep you warm throughout the winter season.
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Trend Report: Holiday Cocktail Attire

Trend Report: Holiday Cocktail Attire The holiday season has a way of evoking so many human emotions: excitement, anxiety and the notoriously unwelcome stress, but most of all, love is ultimately in the air. Year after year I'm excited about all the wonderful people I get to celebrate and spend time with, anxious about whether or not the dinner I'm hosting will go off without a hitch and, like a slap in the face, my stress level shoots through the roof when I think about what in the world I'm going to wear! I make such an effort in these times to stray from the expected while still embracing the spirit of the season. Maybe it's understatedly obvious, but it's definitely an updated version of our mothers' party attire. As long as we're having fun with it, we're having fun!
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Trend Report: Fall into Style

Trend Report: Fall into Style Fall has long been one of my favorite seasons of the year. I am hypnotized with the magical beauty of leaves changing color and am filled with love from everything fall has to offer. It's amazing that a slight drop in temperature has such an effect on our social lives and activities. This time of year I want everything I wear to be comfortable and feel like a big hug. I stick to neutrals often and let the vibrant colors of nature take the lead. I've basically been living in a version of this look lately, and am loving every minute if it!
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Trend Report: Feminine Menswear

Trend Report: Feminine Menswear Ladies, it's time to man up and take a cue from the boys. I'm talking Menswear. I'm all about it. There's something insanely powerful about women in well-tailored, classically inspired menswear pieces. With all the luxe wool herringbones, houndstooths, and tweeds, there's really no better time to fully embrace this look than fall. From the crisp Oxford button-down to the updated brogue, options in between are limitless and all with a chic feminine twist!
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Trend Report: September Style

Trend Report: September Style In case you've been living under a rock and missed the FW13 show season, I have news for you: grunge is back and in a big way! Go ahead and don't be afraid to channel your inner Nirvana as this updated version is a grown up take of the over-sized garb we donned back in the nineties. Surprisingly sophisticated with just enough edge for those days you're feeling extra sassy!
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