Cocktail Hour: The Old Fashioned

Cocktail Hour: The Old Fashioned The Old Fashioned is a sexy drink. Simple. Strong. Nearly naked. No doubt, it doesn't hurt that this drink has some sexy spokespeople. There's the Mad Man himself, Don Draper, in his impeccable suit with rocks glass in hand. And show of hands, how many women dropped their panties for Ryan Gosling when he made the perfect Old Fashioned in Crazy Stupid Love?
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Make your Own Irish Cream for St. Patrick’s Day

Make your Own Irish Cream for St. Patrick’s Day In honor of St. Patty's Day, I want to share with you the wonder of making Irish Cream. Homemade Irish cream is decadent and delicious, with a real whiskey kick.  I promise you, Baileys will never taste the same again.  You can put this in your cof
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4 Cocktails to Melt Your Heart this Valentine’s Day

4 Cocktails to Melt Your Heart this Valentine’s Day What's a better way to court love than with a little heart-warming spirit for this feast of St. Valentine? Alcohol has long been a way to coax our best selves past our inhibitions, allowing us to boom-box serenade, break out into spontaneous song, or make that first awkward move. So, if you would like a spiked beverage to set the scene, here are four Valentine's Day cocktail recipes to melt your heart. And theirs.
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Winter Wonderland Champagne Sparkler

Winter Wonderland Champagne Sparkler Every party benefits from a bit of bubbly and this holiday cocktail is perfect for entertaining. This cocktail recipe calls for cranberry toasted pecan bitters which dress up this Champagne cocktail with a bit of holiday cheer. So delicious, it will send you dashing through the snow in search of mistletoe. And someone tasty beneath it.
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A Thanksgiving Party Punch

A Thanksgiving Party Punch Being the resident cocktail nerd in my family means that at holiday gatherings, you will inevitably find me stuck behind a bar, mixing drinks to order. While I am happy to share my love of cocktails during the holidays, I rarely get the opportunity to mingle or just relax. This holiday I want to change that, but I don't want to sacrifice the quality of beverage that I'll serve my guests. Enter party punch queen, Naomi Schimek, who reigns as Beverage Director at the Spare Room in Hollywood.
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Halloween Cocktail Menu

Halloween Cocktail Menu Coming up with a cocktail menu for All Hallow's Eve is a devilish task. Finding beverages that do not mimic blood, guts, or unnatural ghoulish greens proved difficult. Most Halloween cocktails fall on a scale between saccharine and gimmicky, putting me dangerously close to my personal hell which is laced with candy corn and a chaser of Skittles-flavored vodka. So, if you come trick or treating around my door, I will be sure to provide you with a few suitable adult beverages that celebrate the season but don't seem like they were made for kids.
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Cocktail Hour: In a Flask

Cocktail Hour: In a Flask Traveling with a cocktail is a bit tricky, what with open beverage laws and such. However, a lovely flask cocktail can certainly grease the social wheels on such occasions as summer picnics, sporting events, bonfires, or your in-laws' backyard barbeque. Here are some of my favorite flasks and flask accoutrements, as well as a cocktail that I think is perfect for a flask.
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Cocktail Hour: Bloody Mary Brunch

Cocktail Hour: Bloody Mary Brunch Now that the weather is warming up, it's time for a little recharge after the winter doldrums. It's important to celebrate the little things; for us, that is those fleeting moments that I get to spend with friends. So to add to our month of celebrations, we planned a rustic Bloody Mary Brunch. I can't think of a better way to spend a late lazy morning than with my girlfriends. Lives on-the-go can take their toll, so we all need to make space to relax.
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