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Get Carded: Letterpress

Here at Move LifeStyle, it’s no surprise that we love paper and print in their numerous incarnations. We designed a place to showcase the beauty of the oft-overlooked business card and asked our creative design intern, Tianna, to curate some of her favorite styles. – Jenn

Having a dull business card is like having a weak handshake. When someone hands you their card and it’s flimsy, dull and boring, are you going to keep it? Did they make an impression on you?

A letterpress business card impresses the receiver with its weight, texture and visual appeal. For those unfamiliar with letterpress printing, it’s the art of relief printing using a printing press, using movable type and other designs pressed against paper to form an ‘impression’. Here are some of my favorites:

Clockwise from top left
Mellow Yellow {Print & Grain} | Plain and Simply Beautiful {Kelly Kerwick} | Textured Natutical Bliss {Print & Grain} | Simplistic Elegance with an Edge {Global Amusement}

Be sure to share some of your favorites in the comments below!

Author Description

Tianna Thomason

Born a right brainer - Tianna has plunged herself in the creative world, working with advertising agencies in San Diego along with establishing her own freelance business called Tianna Marie Marketing.

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