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As a feng shui consultant, I help others create balance within their physical (external) spaces. As a life-coach, I help people apply these principles to themselves and different aspects of their lives, such as relationships, career, health, etc. It should be no surprise then that these principles can also be applied to the dynamic we all refer to as the “work/life balance.”

When things get out of balance, there are consequences. If our bodies are out of balance, it is more likely that we will experience pain, discomfort or disease. If our relationships get out of balance then symptoms can arise which suddenly demand our attention. If our homes get out of balance, we often feel the difference even if that is happening on a more subtle level. If our work lives get out of balance, we can be overwhelmed, criticized or even worse, fired. The good news is, that when things are out of balance, life has a way of getting our attention.

If you are noticing any areas of your own life that feel slightly out of balance, here are some simple ways I’ve found to get things back into alignment in a hurry.

The first thing to do is CREATE A PICTURE of what your entire ideal life looks like. It is often said that we get what we aim at. We all know people who aim solely at one part of their lives, (like career), and start to get some activity going there, but it ends up being at the expense of their relationships. Or we focus on other people and it ends up being at the expense of our health.

Make a list, create a vision board or collect images of this life on Pinterest.

We must start to visualize all of these areas at the same time and aim toward that. Start daydreaming immediately. Make a list, create a vision board or just start collecting images of this life on Pinterest. Having a clear vision of the whole picture will help you take aim at the life you’re dreaming about.

Next, seek to ELIMINATE anything in your life which no longer serves this vision. This might include old thought patterns of not having enough time to do everything, it might mean letting go of certain relationships. It might just mean starting with acceptance about the way life exists now, today, in this moment. It may mean making physical space in your home, or it getting into the muck and forgiving something, or someone, you’ve been holding onto for years. This will free up extra energy to manifest your vision. They say you can’t pick up something new in your life unless you put down what you are holding onto.

Now, REFRAME your relationship to your problems. Look consciously at what you have instead of what you don’t yet have and contextualize all of your growing pains as opportunities. Realize that everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle and that you, more than anyone, deserve the benefit of the doubt. By creating a positive context for your life, you waste less time being irritated, frustrated and depressed and you get a lot more done. A little perspective can go a long way.

Lastly, BEAUTIFY your life. This might mean seeking allies who will support your new vision and outlook on life. These can be friends, family, assistants, interns, life coaches or a deeper relationship with the divine. Plan to spend more time in nature so that you can be uplifted by the negative ions that help us feel more clear-headed,

BEAUTIFY your life.

more energized and more filled with possibility. Listen to music and sing at the top of your lungs because science shows that singing boosts your immune system. At the end of it all, give thanks, because gratitude seems to draw more things into our lives which make us want to give thanks.

Please, be gentle with yourself. We are, all of us, doing the best we can under the circumstances of our lives. I hope that some of these thoughts will help inspire you to new ways of thinking and perhaps new action as well. If you find that you need any additional support, I hope you won’t hesitate to reach out. Many blessings on your journey.

images via MinimalChuck, Pablo S. Rios and Pink Sherbet Photography

Author Description

Ariel Towne

Ariel Joseph Towne is the author of Serene Makeover, InnerEdition: Feng Shui Your Life From the Inside Out. Ariel lives in Los Angeles with his wife in their fully shwayed-out apartment. They have a lovely view of the Hollywood sign. Ariel is also very tall and loves guacamole. More more info on the Feng Shui Guy, please visit: The Feng Shui Guy

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