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A Pregnancy Journal: Six Months

Although I look pretty serene in the photo above (thanks, Adam!), I’m at the point in pregnancy that I so conveniently forgot about — no more room. It seems absolutely impossible that I still have three months to go. I’m flabbergasted daily at the thought of where else this little boy can possibly expand to — from the way my body feels, it seems impossible that I can get any bigger (and yet, looking back at photos from my pregnancy with Finn, I KNOW it’s possible!).

I truly enjoy every time I feel this little guy having a dance party in my belly

Most of the time, I start the day with energy and positivity but by dinnertime I’m cranky and uncomfortable. Thank goodness for my husband’s help with Finn — there are some nights where I’m not sure I could make it without getting into a warm bath as soon as dinner is over. The thought of single moms going through a pregnancy solo absolutely floors me — how do you all do it? I can’t imagine having sole responsibility over a toddler while going through a second pregnancy. I try to keep in mind that pregnancy is actually the easy part of having children and I truly enjoy every time I feel this little guy having a dance party in my belly — it is the most awe-inspiring feeling I have ever had. I imagine what those little feet and hands and fingers and toes will look like in just three short months…and I take a deep breath. And then another one.

I’m trying to keep my slowly growing body from becoming as stagnant as it wants to — walking as much as possible, playing with my toddler, making it to prenatal yoga once a week, even though everyday I really just want to sit in a pool like a lump. When I travel, pregnancy workout DVDs are my saving grace and right now I’m currently rotating between three:

Bar Method: Pregnancy Workout (really good for a serious muscle tightening workout — I always feel leaner the next day. And the instructor is pregnant with twins so you have no excuse not to step it up!)
Expecting More with Sara Haley (you break a really good sweat and I would find this energy-boosting workout tough even if I weren’t pregnant)
Knocked Up Fitness with Erica Ziel (comes with an exercise band to help with the lengthening and stretching exercises that feel absolutely great on my sore body)

I’m also really savoring the one-on-one time I have left with my little guy. He starts preschool in two weeks so I’m soaking up our solo time together (and feeling like a softie therefore probably giving him one too many graham crackers). Anytime he asks for something, he claims he ‘needs’ it (ie I need a blueberry muffin, I need to go outside now, I need to go up on mama) which is adorable in the morning and irritating by day’s end. I try really really really hard to keep my cool, because c’mon, how cute is his little face??

We still need a name for this baby…

He’s full of so much love and enthusiasm and I am getting so excited to see him become a big brother.

We still have yet to come up with a name for this second little boy — do you have any suggestions?

Clothing [A Pea in the Pod] Jewelry [JewelMint] Finn’s clothes [Gap] [Paul and Paula]

Photography via Adam Hendershott Hair & Makeup via Emily Sims

Autumn Reeser's Pregnancy Journal

Author Description

Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

  • Jamie-lee Foster
    Those photo’s with Finn are so precious … names for boys are harder than girls :(
  • Jamie-lee Foster
    i still remember that you loved Henley for a little girl
  • Jodi
    Name ideas: Riley, James, Emmett, Michael, Spencer, Andrew, Jay, Mason, Edward, Milo, Steven, Ricky, Jackson, Nathan, Gideon, Tucker…………………. Was that any help? And p.s. at 6 months pregnant you look AMAZING!
  • Autumn Reeser
    Oooh, good name suggestions, everyone!!!
    • Jodi
      Thanks! I know it must be difficult sometimes to post about your personal life but just know that your fans are so grateful and its always so helpful. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Cant wait to find out #babywarren’s name!
  • the jealous curator
    gorgeous… you, and finn, and the bump! all of you are gorgeous! xo ps. names: charlie of course! : )
  • Nicole Orozco
    You and Finn look so adorable!
  • Tom Reeser
    You might have been DYLAN if you had been a boy- still like the name.
  • Jamie-lee Foster
    I love Arthur or Art for short or maybe Archer,Aden,Callum,Caleb,Cody,Jace….Harrison,Weston :)
  • Domi Rickard
    A beautiful and honest piece, just like all that came before it. You’re inspiring <3 As for names, I like the 4-letter pattern for boys first names in your little family and a few of those suggested below roll off the tongue really well with the surname Warren… Aden and Cody are lovely, and I also like Liam and Shay. As for longer names, I think Taylor would be fitting, as well as Seamus, James and Alexander. You look amazing and I wish you well with #2. x
  • Izzie
    Cute post as always! =) And here’s my suggestions: Nicolas, Seth, Cameron… So you have the choice among these ones!!! =)^^
  • klutzy_girl
    Aw, cute! Name suggestions: Christopher, Noah, Aidan, Caleb, Matthew, William, Lucas, Elijah, Alexander, Wyatt, Dylan, and Colin. I have more, but that’s enough! LOL.
  • Autumn Reeser
    Such great suggestions, you guys!!! Noah, Colin, Dylan, Oliver, Lucas & Liam are awesome and my favorites of the bunch (and I already have cousins named Riley, Connor, Jackson, William & Matthew but I love those names!)! And James is one of my favorite names ever– we used it as a middle name for Finn. Keep ’em coming, I love this! :)
  • Jamie-lee Foster
    Micah,Landon,Joseph,Zachary,Jonas,Tyler,Patrick,Zane,Aston,Asher,Blake & Kyron :) what names do Jesse & Finn like??? X
  • Jodi
    Jared, Jordan, Miles, Alexander, Nathan (Nate), Levi, Sam, Skyler. I also do love Lucas and Noah. I have always found it very cool when a family’s first letter of each name, spell a “word”. F + A + J = JAF. JAFO= Jesse, Autumn, Finn and Oliver. Or say you add an “A” for and you can add almost any letter after i.e. JAFAN, JAFAS or JAFAL for Noah, Sam/Skyler or Liam/Lucas (You can always keep adding if you have more children one day). My Family is “MACJAM” and we use it for so many cool things 😉
  • Nurgul
    I don’t know why but Thomas came to (my) mind. I just read your post and that is truly the only name that I can think of right now. I wish you and your baby well, hope he is healthy.
  • Holly
    I can relate to so many things in this post, it made for a fun read. My two-year-old says, “I want…” with everything. I figure it’s from asking him if he wants things… maybe I should have been saying, “Would you like..” He sounds pretty demanding in the store when yelling, “I want more or I want a snack!” It makes me laugh a little. We are also expecting our second baby boy in Nov. and boys names are so hard!
  • Amanda Paiva
    First I want to congratulate you for the second pregnancy, did not follow her very first pregnancy, but by social networks could follow the growth of Finn and thought it was beautiful the whole process of developing it. I do not know much about American names because I’m Brazilian, but there is one name that love that is Peter. What is your choice and your husband and family I’m sure will be a beautiful name. Congratulations again.
  • nicolel001
    We picked the name Asher for our son and get compliments on it all the time.
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