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Three Simple Steps for a
Beautiful At Home Office

Three Simple Steps for a </br> Beautiful At Home Office Homepolish is an amazing and affordable service for busy women who want a bit of chic in their home, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. For $50 you get a top-notch designer to come your home and give you a design assessment. From there, you can do all the shopping yourself, or hire the designers by the hour to help you with the decorating pieces you find most challenging. Packages start at just $500 and guarantee you will have a gorgeous place to call your own at the end.
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Two Months with Baby

Two Months with Baby Dear Dashiell, You're two months old. We're starting to find our new rhythm as a family. Your big brother Finn absolutely adores you. He loves to 'help' take care of you by retrieving your pacifier or petting you or reporting to me immediately when you're crying.
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6 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

6 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following If you love letterpress and just-plain-gorgeous stationery as much as the Move LifeStyle ladies do, you’ll love the feed from this Pittsburgh-based design team. The wry comedian shares ridiculous photos of paraphernalia from his nerdy-glamou
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Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day Recipes

Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day Recipes Valentine's Day is a notoriously indulgent holiday filled with boxes of artisanal candies, flutes of over-flowing Champagne, succulent steaks, and juicy strawberries hand-dipped in dark chocolate. With all of the luxurious treats we're bound to consume, try something a little different for dinner this year. These decadent yet healthy recipes are perfect for Valentine's Day, so give your heart and tastebuds a little love. Your heart and your waistline will thank you. And you won't be too full for any after-dinner festivities, either.
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One Month with Baby

One Month with Baby Adjusting to two little ones under two hasn't been a piece of cake, though. The most difficulty has come from trying to figure out how to divide myself in two so there is enough of me to go around. (If there was an invention for this, I'm pretty sure it would kill on Kickstarter.)
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Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!

Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama! Happy 50th Birthday to the First Lady! To celebrate, we're sharing five things we love about Michelle Obama.
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A New Year, A New Way to Set Goals

A New Year, A New Way to Set Goals I spent the first week of 2014 in the mountains, taking long walks and thinking back on the good and bad of 2013. In the soul-searching process of considering what goals to add to my list, I started to realize that New Year's goal planning can feel a lot like spinning your wheels if you’re not sure WHY you’re adding each item to your to-do list. This year I challenge you to fill up your goals not with ‘to-dos’ but with ‘can’t do withouts.’
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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014 Happy New Year!
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