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6 Summer Reads for Smart Girls

6 Summer Reads for Smart Girls Tired of everyone recommending the latest pink-covered 'chick lit'? Looking for something good to read this summer? We asked six smart, talented writers to share their favorite summer book with us.
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Is This Summer Movie “Crowded” with Women?

Is This Summer Movie “Crowded” with Women? Recently, I saw Tammy, (full disclosure: a movie that my husband produced), and I walked away incredibly proud of a choice they made: The choice to populate the movie with mostly women. A choice that felt authentic because as a woman, my own life is populated with mostly women… not “crowded” with women, as Justin Chang said in his Variety review. Which brings me to the purpose of this post: Justin is entitled to not like the movie. Justin is entitled to write a negative review of the movie. But Justin is reckless for suggesting that “crowding the film almost entirely with female characters” is worthy of criticism.
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What’s in my {Beach} Bag?

What’s in my {Beach} Bag? ow that I have a toddler in tow I'm trying to make it a priority to get out to Venice or Malibu at least once a month to enjoy the sun and sea with my family. In addition to the large amount of kid items we tote along with us, I like to make sure I'm well covered, too, so I keep a beach bag packed with essentials to help me feel cared for as well.
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Girl Friday: Christine Lakin

Girl Friday: Christine Lakin Pint-size talent Christine Lakin has a consistently positive attitude after a couple of decades working in television, as well as the endless creativity to generate her own content. At age 12 she landed the role of Al on "Step By Step," who she played for a successful seven season run. An incredibly talented musical theater performer, she appeared in the stage versions of "Heathers" and Silence!" (of the Lambs), the film "Reefer Madness," as well as choreographing for TV shows such as "True Blood." She is a voiceover artist on "Family Guy," a host on "The Soup Investigates," a judge on "Internet Icon" as well as the creator of web series "Lovin' Lakin" and the stage series "Worst Ever." And that’s only a portion of her resume. Are you as exhausted as I am?! Her boundless energy endears her to everyone she meets and her tips for staying strong in a creative field will inspire you to get out there and create magic in your own life.
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5 Months with Baby

5 Months with Baby Dear Dashiell, Little man, you want to GO! You are so enthusiastic about movement, pulling yourself to standing on anything you can get your hands on (and often toppling right back over). You scoot yourself around the house flat on your belly, and it's amazing how much traction you get and how fast you can escape from me. You and Finn have become partners in crime, giggling over secret jokes that make no sense to anyone but you, rolling around on the floor together in delight.
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Work | Play: Summer Shimmer

Work | Play: Summer Shimmer Work: Shimmery Eye Palette | Play: Sassy Sunnies
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Summer Refresh

Summer Refresh The weather here in California this past week has been phenomenal and I've started dreaming of what I want my summer to be like. I'm envisioning bicycle rides, new kicks, a straw fedora and some excellent caffeinated fuel to keep me going. Hello, Starbucks, my old friend! Just a few items that are making me feel refreshed and putting a smile on my face lately!
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Summer Shopping with

Summer Shopping with I've launched a boutique on the new curation site for tastemakers and makers,! is a shopping site that's basically meant to be a curated version of Etsy, making it easier for you to find great gifts, special items for kids, and the most beautiful home decor.
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