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At Home: In the Bedroom

Bedroom via Lonny
Time to talk about the most personal and intimate space in your home: the bedroom. I vividly recall playing at friend’s houses as a youngster and always trying to sneek a peak at their parents’ very off-limits bedrooms. To this day, I still feel as if I need permission to go into a client’s bedroom. The enticement of the forbidden, the secrecy of what adult grandeur that might live behind that closed door intrigued me to the point of action. Of course I couldn’t help but snoop behind it! And when I did, which was often, it was always the same disappointing lackluster Ethan Allen bedroom furniture set in boring old mahogany wood, bed usually haphazardly made and clothes lazily strewn about. It always appeared to be a place of utility rather than a place to connect, a place of respite, a place of romance. The biggest let down was always that these cookie cuter rooms were entirely devoid of any self expression. For someone who had their walls covered with Tiger Beat tear-outs and rearranged her furniture weekly, living like this seemed like a crime. Hence my stance that the bedroom is the most sacred and revealing room of the house that deserves special attention. This is your sanctuary, your space to escape, your place to connect with yourself and snuggle up to your loved one–not a place to toss your clothes in piles on the floor!

The Bed

The brazen Madonna told us “satin sheets are very romantic, what happens when you’re not in bed?” Well, I for one am thankful we left the satin sheets back in the 80’s (or let’s hope) but Madonna did have a point. Sheets are very important. You spend half your life in them so why not invest in the highest thread count possible? Always buy the most expensive sheets you can afford. Doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, you will notice a difference. The purist in me is partial to white sheets, maybe with some embroidery on them, but predominately white. There is something so fresh and luxurious about snuggling in on crisp white 600 thread count Egyptian cotton  sheets.

Now that the sheets are covered, let’s discuss the bed. By now I think we all know it’s time to invest in a real bed. Even if it is simply from Ikea you can Ikeahack it to make it your own. If an entire bed frame with headboard (and footboard or canopy, whatever your style) is out of range make sure to at least have a headboard. There are so many creative ways to create a unique headboard there is no reason not to have one. It can be as simple as a DIY upholstery job or reclaimed wood planks mounted on the wall to give the illusion of a grown up bed. When you grow tired of your room and it needs a revamp, you can always switch out the fabric for a completely different look.


Woven woods with curtains
Cover them up! I know that sounds bizarre, but I never realized the impact blackout lined curtains made until I installed them in my place. Amazing! Sensitive to light? These will be your salvation. They are lined with a tightly woven fabric to keep your room nice and dark even at the brightest hours. We’ve all been to Vegas, out all night, finding the bed at 5am just as the sun is rising, hoping the drawn curtains will keep it at bay for a few more hours…and they do! I promise you the blackout lining will revolutionize your sleep (minus the tacky Vegas print).

Another quick window dressing tip, double layer it.  Install a woven wood or a sheer roman shade with curtains and it instantly softens your space and allows light and breeze to filter through while affording  you privacy against nosey neighbors.


Standard recessed lighting you flip on an off with a switch is functional, but this is your bedroom. If any place deserves a little mood lighting, this is it! Get a great pair of vintage lamps for your bedside tables or install sconces at either side of your headboard with lightbulbs that cast a warm glow. In addition to your bedside lights, you need a chandelier or pendant light. I confess, this is more personal preference, but it just adds so much personality to a room! It doesn’t have to be fussy with crystals if that isn’t your scene, but a geometric glass pendant or a chinoiserie tole chandelier lends a very personal aesthetic. Only turn on your pendant light and you’ve got instant mood lighting.


Seating in bedroom
If your bedroom is big enough, have an area you can sit. Not all of us can have a mini-living room in our bedroom, but we can swing a slipper chair in the corner where we can read or a bench at the end of the bed so we can sit down to put on our shoes. To save your duvet from getting crushed and wrinkled, it’s nice to have another spot to sit other than the bed. (That surely isn’t just my pet peeve!)

Area Rug

Be it a wood floor in your 1920’s bungalow or a concrete one in your downtown loft, an area rug that extends at least 2′ bigger than your bed. No one likes placing their bare feet on cold ground at 6am-not exactly a desirable wake-up call! The bedroom should be your most comfortable room in the house and by adding an ethnic kilim or sheepskin throw rug the space will become even cozier.

Last little tip, at all costs, avoid a desk in the bedroom. Same goes for electronics. Sometimes that can’t be helped, but it’s so much better to connect with your man (or yourself) than the WiFi. Work is constantly around us, invading every space of our lives, so why not keep the bedroom all to yourself.

Now enjoy your chic, stylish and comfortable bedroom. You will want to hunker down in it!

February is the month of love. We see it as an opportunity to create deeper connections with your loved ones and with anything that ignites a passion in your soul. We see it as a moment to appreciate the little everyday things that put a smile on your face. We see it as the chance to show yourself that hey, you’re pretty lovable and you deserve a little TLC, too. (And that’s always a good thing, no matter what month it is!)

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    I love this! I am dying to redecorate my bedroom, so this was super inspiring. What about wall color? What’s the best way to use something neutral without it looking bland and boring?

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