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At Home: Fresh Florals

“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” That biting voice, riddled with sarcasm, from Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada echoed through my mind when I even began to think about about pulling items for this piece. I couldn’t help but agree with her. Aren’t florals in design tried and tired? Haven’t they been done ad nauseam in the most juvenile of ways? Don’t they belong in our grandmothers’ homes, forgotten to the past? Well, not so my friends! In doing a little research my tune changed completely. The use of florals in design, both in interiors and fashion, is definitely fresh, invigorating and experiencing a rebirth. The flower patterns that are all the rage these days are a far cry from the sweet, demure 1980s Laura Ashley buds or the countrified Shabby Chic blooms of the 90s. And while the use of the flower in design has been around for centuries, from its use in Chinoiserie textiles, to adorning the canopy bed of Marie Antoinette, to cladding Victorian parlors, there is no reason this classic pattern can’t find its revitalized way in modern day decor.

The secret to making florals innovative and cool is to use them in oversized scales and unexpected colors. Pair them with modern lines and bold solids to ground the rambling prints. Compliment with strong, intentional stripes that juxtapose the femininity of the flower. These couplings add a layer of interest to a traditional design that creates an overall flirty vibe, far removed from girly. No need to be traditional with chintzs and rosebuds around here! Using florals in creative, unexpected ways instantly makes them cool and kitsch, not dowdy and decrepit. Be wild and use Bisazza floral tiles on the walls of your bathroom or study. Not that bold? Then go for the Urban Outfitters over-scale graphic floral shower curtain in a muted palette. I can’t stop crushing on Christian Lacroix’s Vuelta fabric for an unexpected ottoman or graphic upholstered canopy bed that Marie Antoinette would still be smitten by.

I surprise even myself when I say I can go on and on touting the design clout of the floral motif, but I won’t hold your design attention hostage any longer. Glimpse a few of my favorite florally finds below,  and for more budding inspiration, click on over to Pinterest.

[1] Arteriors Castillo Lamp [2] Gallery L7 Emil Stejnar Chandelier [3] Joy D. Cho Petal Pusher Wallpaper [4] Kartell Mademoiselle Chair [5] Caitlin Wilson Navy Fleur Chinsoise Pillow [6] Made Goods Fiona Mirror [7] Anthropologie Coqo Floral Rug [8] Jonathan Adler Hollywood Bed Set

Bloom: “A flourishing, healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty and artistry.” This month we’re celebrating all things spring and ‘April-showering’ you with beauty and joy.

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Alyssa Boland

A former life as an urban planner led Alyssa to her career as a high-end interior designer. An aesthetics junkie, she shares a passion for architecture, fashion, caffeine, a love of dance, and all things French. Find her online at Alyssa Boland Interior Design, follow on Pinterest.

  • Anya Zhukova
    My favorites are Emil Stejnar Chandelier and Joy’s Petal Wallpaper.

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