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At Home: Boudoir Bliss

Every bedroom should be tranquil, relaxing and absolutely sexy. This month I couldn’t help but put together a bedroom that connotes a touch of romance, a hint of glamour and a lot of sensuality. Forgive me while I go ahead and indulge my feminine side.

A soft palette of white with touches of blush keep this bedroom fresh and calm. With the minimal use of chrome and mirror, this room becomes more grounded. Since mirrors on the ceiling are a no-no, (no matter what anyone says, eh-hem, Vegas), go for mirrored bedside tables instead. Strong, modern lines keep them from being overtly girly and mirrors at the bed side are much more flattering. The overall tactile quality of your bedroom innately lends itself to its sexiness, so don’t hesitate to layer on the textures with a Moroccan wedding blanket, tibetan lamb throw pillows and silk-velvet ottomans. All feel absolutely sumptuous. Add in a zebra skin rug to express your wild and animalistic side. And instead of a TV mounted on the wall to act as yet another distraction between you and your loved one, throw up an abstract painting, an over-scale black and white photograph, or a textured wall hanging to add personality to your walls. Artwork in the bedroom is often overlooked and it brings such interest to your room without being disruptive.

This serene and sensuous bedroom lends itself to luscious breakfasts in bed, lazy Sundays reading books under the covers, (for those that can), swathed in your favorite cashmere sweater, and nights spent sipping Champagne before a little midnight seduction occurs. Just what every bedroom should be.

[1]Vistosi Chandelier  [2] Crystal block lamps [3] Ava Storage Ottoman [4] Harrington Mirrored Side Table [5] Faux Zebra Hide Rug [6] Monoglian Lamb Throw Pillow [7] Bernhardt Landen Bed [8] Abstract Artwork via Pinterest [9] Moroccan Wedding Blanket

What’s your favorite bedroom boudoir element? Tell us–we’d love to know!

Author Description

Alyssa Boland

A former life as an urban planner led Alyssa to her career as a high-end interior designer. An aesthetics junkie, she shares a passion for architecture, fashion, caffeine, a love of dance, and all things French. Find her online at Alyssa Boland Interior Design, follow on Pinterest.

  • AshleyFauset
    This palette is so dreamy. I want to lounge on that bed with my head on the lamb pillow and lazily read the afternoon away!

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