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“A Room for Two” Reveal

I‘m thrilled to finally share with you the room reveal I’ve been working on all fall in collaboration with Land of Nod! Also, I’m relieved that baby boy #2 hasn’t arrived yet so I had time to finish it before his arrival. Phew!

Finn’s previous nursery was eclectic and based around the bright colors of a century-old star quilt sewn by my great-grandmother. I loved it, but with two little ones in there, the daybed I originally designed was just too big, (if you like it, it’s for sale), and it was time for an update. Here’s the ‘Before’ nursery-for-one:

When I thought about the changes I wanted to make in this room for my two boys, I dreamed of a space that was cozy and neutral and reminiscent of the forest and adventure and outdoor spirit I want to cultivate in them. I chose foundational pieces with modern lines, mixed in special finds that had sort of a ‘camp’ vibe, and focused the palette on lots of wintery neutrals, bold textures and cute little forest creatures. And here it is:

The walls have stayed the same color, “Dewy” from Sherwin Williams, but almost everything else has been updated, save for two dressers originally from my father’s childhood bedroom.

Awwww… I can’t wait to put my little one down for a nap in this null!

This map was a family heirloom from my husband’s great-uncle. I made a lucky stumble upon it while cleaning out the basement at our cabin in the mountains. The dresser is also a vintage find, the white drawers are an IKEA office file, the wipes container is Oxo and the diaper pail is the Diaper Dekor Plus, which after trying quite a few options, is my absolutely favorite. The changing pad cover is a gorgeous soft neutral print from new line at Aden & Anais.

After searching high and low for a mobile I liked, I finally decided to recreate a DIY cloud mobile I’d had on my Pinterest board. You guys, I never craft anymore. It’s too much work, and I inevitably get impatient and ruin whatever I’m trying to make. Maybe be a teeny bit impressed with my Martha skills here! (Okay, okay, this was actually an easy one to do, no praise necessary. I may even be rethinking my DIY stance…)

With Finn in preschool, copious amounts of his artwork make their way into our home weekly. I wanted a place to display it, as well as a good spot to post family photos and the general ephemera of childhood. I came up with the idea of using crown molding to create a wide frame, and then four pieces of cork flooring to make a grid on the wall. The whole thing cost me about $40 total and when it starts to wear out, it’s easy to just purchase more flooring to replace the tired cork pieces.

This rocking chair currently lives in my bedroom, where the baby will sleep initially, and it is one of my absolute favorite things I’ve ever owned. I just think it’s so very beautiful and it pairs perfectly with this textured ottoman and wood side table. I didn’t have a rocking chair the first time around (um, I was secretly holding out for this beauty) so I can’t wait to rock my new baby to sleep in it.

Here are the pieces that make it all come together:

[1] C’est Nous print [2] Astoria bed [3] Oh Deer canvas [4] cork flooring for the wall [5] Number pouf [6] general store blanket [7] null [8] gold polkadot crib sheet [9] Hedgehog pillow [10] cloud pillow

[11] John Muir mountain print [12] District Storage Bench [13] tree stump side table [14] Floakti rug [15] vintage map [16] Joya rocker [17] Check Mix Rug

Of course, there are little details I still want to improve, like adding more art to the art wall above Finn’s bed, and I want to layer in a few more pieces to really make the room come to life. Some items I’m coveting that I’d add to finish the look:

[1] baby fox print [2] neutral globe [3] mountain pillow [4] hedgehog nightlight [5] forest creature pillow [6] squirrel pull toy

I’m so happy with how all that hard work turned out! This is a real room for real children who are growing everyday and therefore it’s always a work in progress, but for the moment, it fits our family perfectly. I’m so looking forward to the first night I have both boys asleep in there. With no crying. Or fighting. Or calling for water. Or… Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Photography ByPaper Tiger Photography

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