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A Month of Love

Walk by any flower shop this month, and it should be fairly obvious to all of us that February is known as “the month of love.”

I love the softer sentiment hidden in this month.

While I’m not a fan of the overly commercialized version of “Valentine’s Day!” constantly shouted at us from every supermarket balloon display, I do love the softer sentiment hidden in this month. The month of love is a chance to connect with those close to you. A chance to show your loved ones, well, that you love them. A chance to show yourself, hey, you’re pretty lovable and you deserve a little TLC, too. And that is always a good thing, no matter what month it is.

One thing I know is that love isn’t a ring, a teddy bear or a chocolate filled heart, although those things can all be fun, but truly, love is an action. Think about what actions you do on a daily basis to show love for yourself, your children, your spouse, and your friends and family. Making someone a cup of coffee, listening to a friend, being fully present for your child… This month I’m going to be trying to fill all those little invisible acts of love with a little more intention. A little more love. Because we all know the world could use it.

In February, Move LifeStyle will be taking a look at love from all different angles, taking pleasure in the silly ritual of celebrating all things red+pink+heart-covered, and sharing one of our own love-themed celebrations with you! Hope you enjoy.
Here are some fun links to start off the month:

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A Love Letter to My Latte-Maker

February is the month of love. We see it as an opportunity to create deeper connections with your loved ones and with anything that ignites a passion in your soul. We see it as a moment to appreciate the little everyday things that put a smile on your face. We see it as the chance to show yourself that hey, you’re pretty lovable and you deserve a little TLC, too. (And that’s always a good thing, no matter what month it is!)

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Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

  • Melissa
    Love this! Especially that last link. She really nails it in that love letter. That kind of practice in empathy translates to anyone you encounter who does some kind of service for you: it’s another human being on the other side of the counter, in the driver’s seat, etc.

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