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The Girls of the Golden Globes 2014

They were glitzy. They were sparkly. They celebrated the best of cinema and television from the past year. But did the 2014 Golden Globes exhibit an accurate and respectful representation of Hollywood’s female talent? With the exception of the female acting categories, women were grossly underrepresented among the list of nominees: there were zero female directors or writers nominated for awards this year.. Despite this imbalance, women certainly stole the show, dominating the stage with grace and wit.

The 71st Annual Golden Globes were hosted by two of the funniest women in the biz. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler grabbed the audience’s attention the moment they took the stage, kicking off the event with quick quips, playful jabs, unapologetically teasing the nominees. Fey and Poehler both cut their teeth as cast members on Saturday Night Live, and moved on to each star in their own wildly successful comedy series. These two women are dominating Hollywood. Fey created, wrote and starred in 30 Rock, earning her six Golden Globe nominations and two Best Actress wins; Poehler currently stars in Parks and Recreation, has earned three Best Actress nominations, winning her first Globe this year. Congrats, Amy!

So, what makes these two women so successful in the comedy world? They’re clever, daring and unafraid to make fun of themselves both onscreen and onstage, especially in a room of people who take themselves so seriously. In addition to the self-inflicted mockery, they were incredibly blunt about the marginalized depiction of women in Hollywood:

“Meryl Streep is so brilliant in “August: Osage County,” proving that there are still great parts in Hollywood for Meryl Streeps over 60.” –Tina Fey

“Matthew McConaughey did amazing work this year. For his role in Dallas Buyers Club, he lost 45 pounds. Or what actresses call ‘being in a movie’.” –Tina Fey

Later in the evening, the iconic Diane Keaton took the stage to accept the Cecil B. DeMille award on behalf of Woody Allen. Keaton spoke fondly of her friendship with the  filmmaker, and eloquently praised Allen’s portrayal of women who stand apart from typical female roles.

“…Woody’s women can’t be compartmentalized. They struggle, they love, they fall apart, they dominate, they’re flawed. They are, in fact, the hallmark of Woody’s work. But what’s even more remarkable is absolutely nothing links these unforgettable characters from the fact that they came from the mind of Woody Allen.” –Diane Keaton

It’s true. Woody’s female characters are some of the most realistic women seen on-screen.  A montage showcasing the actresses who have starred in Allen’s films ran upon the screen: Mariel Hemingway, Mia Farrow, Keaton herself, and the lovely Cate Blanchett, who scooped up an award that evening for her performance in Allen’s recent film, Blue Jasmine.  The montage was brilliantly cut together, manipulating the viewer into a romantic nostalgia of the females portrayed in Allen’s films.

Can you praise a man for the his artistic portrayal of women when his behavior in real life suggests a lack of respect thereof? Let’s not forget that Allen began an affair during his twelve-year relationship with Mia Farrow with his then-stepdaughter Soon-Yi; Farrow discovered the nude photos Allen took of her adopted daughter. Or the allegations that he molested Farrow’s daughter, Dylan, who at the time was only seven years old. Despite the beauty of his films, it’s difficult to overlook that Allen has seemingly lacked to treat women with dignity and respect.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare and are similarly conflicted on your views of Woody Allen, The Woody Allen Story We All Need to Stop Forgetting from Refinery 29 is well-worth the read.

Tell us your favorite Tina and Amy moment! What do you think about how Hollywood seems to overlook the women behind the camera? What was your reaction to Keaton’s speech honoring Woody Allen?

 We’d love to hear your opinions.

Photography By:Paul Drinkwater via Huffington Post | The Guardian | Hollywood Reporter

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