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Five Favorites: Blogs

Here’s a little end-of-the-year gift from me to you: a list of the five blogs and websites I’m loving. Enjoy!

1. LearnVest
This site is absolutely transforming my life in the most profound way. Since my income is so sporadic and unpredictable, I’ve always been absolutely terrible with budgeting, planning ahead — you know, all that adult stuff. LearnVest not only helps you track your finances in a design-friendly aesthetic way, but you can opt for one-on-one financial support, (via emails and phone calls), with a personal finance expert for an entire year. Also, the site was founded and is run by women, so I personally find it to be a particularly good fit! They also have a pretty kickass daily newsletter.

2. DesignSeeds
A fun color palette generating site, really beautifully designed and truly inspiring! Their tagline is ‘For All Who Love Color,’ which pretty much captures this site perfectly. Use it to gather color ideas for your house, wedding, parties, or just to waste time at work in an aesthetically appropriate manner.

3. null
Oh, how I love our Girl Friday Erika Brechtel‘s beautiful blog! It is so very HER: chic, modern, creative.  Erika is also a graphic designer and uses her skills to create beautiful collages of everything that’s on her (very tasteful) radar.

4. LevoLeague
I’ve fallen head over heels for this beautiful and uplifting women-in-business site. I really love this new trend I’m seeing toward women helping other women, and this site is at the forefront of the movement.

5. Oh Joy
A longtime favorite of mine! Written by my friend, Joy Cho, this blog is a smorgasbord of things she loves: beautiful illustrations, sweet and savory food photos and recipes, and photos of ridiculously beautiful babies. I love to visit her site for an immediate pick-me-up any time I’m having a rough day because her positive attitude and cheerful, quirky style always put me in a great mood.

Top photo by Michelle Darlene, all other images sourced from their corresponding sites: LearnVest, DesignSeeds, null, LevoLeague, and Oh Joy.

Author Description

Autumn Reeser

Autumn is an actress + artist living in Los Angeles with her toddler sons, Finn + Dash. She is constantly inspired by today’s modern woman.

  • Emily
    These are all awesome sites! A few I’ve loved for a while, and some new ones I’ve not heard of – thanks for sharing :)
  • Lynn Chen
    oh joy is one of my faves too!
  • Anya Zhukova
    Will there be a Girl Friday with Joy Cho?
  • Maryam Saeed
    Thanks a lot Autumn!! These sites are really incredible! :)

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