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Summer with Baby

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The months have been flying by so quickly I’ve barely had time to take pictures or make note of all the many milestones passing us by. My boys are making this one of the best, most memorable summers of my life, just by the simple pleasure of spending time together as a family.

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In his sixth, seventh and eighth months, Dash has learned to pull up to standing, he easily crawls everywhere, he has two little teeth and he’s had his first haircut. He’s munching on all the delicious fruits of summer: watermelon, apricots, peaches, plums, and at family dinners he’s sampled ratatouille, turkey burgers and eggplant. Getting into the dog’s dish is a favorite pastime, as well as attempted to eat nearly everything he finds on the ground. He keeps me hopping!

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Finn has learned how to ride a scooter and jump off the diving board. He likes kung fu class and gymnastics and still talks about all the kids from his preschool, even though he’s on summer break. His vocabulary is astounding to me and we’ve been having some really sweet conversations. He has a little camera that he’s starting to use to take pictures, which I find more than a little bit endearing.

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We’ve gone camping in our backyard, watched an outdoor movie, (The Goonies), taken numerous trips to the beach, and eaten some excellent meals off the grill. In between all these classic summer activities, I’m trying to finish my last two classes for college as well as doing a bit of travel to Vancouver for work. It’s a lot, but I wouldn’t change one single minute of it. After a hard year, I’m finally enjoying the fruits of our labour, and these delicious little people I’m lucky enough to call my children.

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